Drugs You Should Avoid When Consuming CBD

CBD is one of the highly abundant cannabinoids that shows potent health advantages to a person. A lot of people have this common concern as to whether or not CBD interact with ongoing medication.

This can happen in some cases as CBD tends to interact with certain medications. Let us learn more about its interaction with medicines and what medicines you should avoid taking with CBD.

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Interaction of CBD With Medication

A majority of medicines break down when it reaches the gut and the liver via cytochrome P450 enzymes. It is a group of proteins that is responsible to metabolize the medicines. This way the benefits of the medicine get delivered to the right location.

So, now the question comes whether or not CBD reacts with the medicine when taken simultaneously. To understand it, we need to consider the variety, purity and quality of CBD products and how it interacts with the body as well as the medication.

In addition to it, the timing of the intake of CBD with any drug determines how will it work in the body. As every person is biologically different, so body weight, age, and other factors are also important to consider to find its interaction with the medication.

What drugs should never be taken along with CBD?

Let us see the possible reaction of taking CBD with a few widely consumed OTC medications.


It is an anti-inflammatory medicine taken to reduce the pain. Its long-term effect on the body can lead to dizziness, fatigue, and shortness of breath. The reason why CBD is not advised to be taken along with Ibuprofen is that it can prolong the period and concentration of this drug in the body and worsen these side effects.


It is an anticoagulant that is taken to prevent the formation of lethal blood clots that when not stopped can result in strokes or heart attacks in the body. When CBD is taken along with this drug, then it extends its availability in the body. If Warfarin stays for a long time in your body, then it ould lead to bleeding, excruciating headaches, and swelling.


It is a beta-blocker that helps in managing high blood pressure conditions by lowering the heart rate. Those who take metoprolol along with CBD can notice adverse reactions to blood pressure. It may even result in stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, dizziness, cold feet, and hands.


This is a medication prescribed for type 2 diabetes for keeping the blood glucose levels in admissible levels in the body. Some research indicates that using CBD as a potent treatment along with Metformin can lead to adverse interactions between the drug and the compound.


Though CBD is safe it requires careful administration. Studies have confirmed that the chemical structure of the CBD can cause it to interact with existing medication. So, it is important to always check with your doctor about the probable interactions/consequences of taking CBD along with their current medication.

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