How to Protect Yourself from Hiring a Bad Roofer

Often times in the realm of roof repair the biggest hassle is choosing the right roofer. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Bad service still leaves you with a very big problem, one that provides no shelter whatsoever. You might also pay a pretty penny for average service, when better service was available at a more affordable price. To ensure you make the very best decision for your roofing needs, here are some guidelines to follow.

Recommendations, Reviews, and Referrals

The best recommendations to use are always local ones, ones coming from individuals within your community. Friends and family are great sources for good referrals. Odds are someone within your specific sphere has used a roofer, and if they had a good experience they will recommend said roofer. This is always the best, because first-hand knowledge is the most reliable. Reviews are also a great source and luckily the internet is rife with them. You can check up on any company by running a simple search. If they do good work the search will connect you to rave reviews, if they are not trustworthy you will be connected to ranting.

Insurance and Licensing

Legitimate roofers will maintain proper licensing and have proper insurance. This protects you from liability and ensures that the roofer is allowed to operate within the state. Unlicensed contractors are a large risk and are best to be avoided. Ensuring that roofers are licensed is a big step in choosing the right service. Insurance is a close second as work-related injuries do happen. These contractors will be operating on your roof, and the chance of falling is there. If it does end up happening it is best to use a company that offers coverage, so you do not have to.

Pay Attention to Price

Haggling is a part of any transaction and once you have a short list of reliable roofers haggle time will commence. Comparing prices is a great way to save money, gives you ammunition is you want to negotiate, and provides a good way to check up on contractor’s honesty. However, just because a contractor offers a lower price does not mean that is the one to go with. Lower price may indicate basic service, whereas a more expensive roofer earns the extra money with superior service. So, do not use lower price to determine your decision. When looking for commercial roofers Highland IN, take everything into account.

Dot the T’s

The last thing to do when choosing a roofer comes after the decision has been made. This is to ensure that every little detail is well-documented and backed up. This protects you by providing actionable proof if the job goes wrong. Should the repair not meet your specifications, you will have written proof those specifications were communicated. If they offer a guarantee get it, make sure everything is in writing, and go over every detail with a fine toothed comb.


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