How To Protect Your Pipes in Cold Weather

As the sweet summer months dwindle, the cold weather creeps in. While this seasonal shift can be incredibly beautiful, it can also cause some major problems for your pipes. In the fall, freezing temperatures and tucked-away pipes could spell a costly and inconvenient burst pipe. Protect your water pipes from the cold weather with these helpful plumbing tips:

Keep the heat on

Keep the heat on or turn it to a lower temperature before leaving home. This is the perfect solution for pipes that freeze when the house is vacant during cold months.

Add pipe insulation

Pipe insulation, as you know, is very important as it helps prevent freezing of water and pipe bursting. It helps to keep a steady flow of water going through your pipes and prevent freezing. Adding insulation prevents plumbing emergencies which can be very costly to fix.

Use foam insulation to seal pipes and prevent the risk of leaks and wasted energy. Foam insulation protects the pipe against heat loss. The foam comes in sheets that can be cut to your desired measurement, this is a quick and simple method for custom pipe insulation.

Seal air leaks

It’s a common fact that most water lines are close to the exterior walls, where major cold-air leaks occur. When those walls and pipes freeze, they’re both in trouble. You can help prevent the inconvenience of an unexpected leaky faucet or busted pipe by sealing air leaks in your home to keep your pipes warmer during cold weather.

Schedule a professional plumbing repair

Schedule your plumbing repair during the fall season. The fall season ushers in cooler temperatures that can pummel plumbing systems. If there are problems, call the plumber to fix them before the coldest months arrive.

A professional plumbing service does more than take care of pipe problems. A good plumber will be able to come out to your home, assess the problem, fix it, and save you time and money in the long run. Call the pros today to take care of your plumbing repair at home!

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