Buying A House? Call A Plumber.

Buying a home, especially in Sydney is one of the largest investments you might make in your lifetime. It’s common knowledge that when considering a property you organise a pest and building inspection however a home’s plumbing could be a hidden disaster in your new potential property. Typically, general home inspections do not perform in-depth reviews of plumbing systems and can miss system errors that could lead to hundreds of dollars worth of damages and repairs. You need to enlist the help of trusted plumbers to take in-depth reviews of your system to better prepare you for any nasty surprises in your new home before they cost you more money.

The importance of a home’s plumbing system

Plumbing in a home is generally unnoticed unless something is wrong as you generally don’t see much of it. Ensuring your system is working properly is crucial to you and your families health and safety. An entire home system typically includes storm gutters, sewer connections, water supply lines, downpipes, hot water heaters, and any internal fixtures. If there is an issue with any of these components you can be at risk for damage and toxins entering your water. For example, if a tree root grows into sewer lines can lead to drains being blocked or even collapsed pipes underground. The most common issues typically are leaky fixtures, poor draining, low pressure, and corrosion of pipes. These issues while common are typically not seen by the untrained eye and can usually only be diagnosed by an experienced plumber.

The importance of a plumbing inspection

Purchasing a home is an exciting time but is also stressful bringing lots of new financial costs. Many homeowners have to reconfigure their budgets and families around mortgages and maintain good financial standing. Having an unexpected plumbing issue is the last thing you want to think about or pay for. Although a pre-purchase plumbing inspection is not required by law, you could potentially save thousands by troubleshooting issues early on before they pose major threats.

Don’t typical building inspections include plumbing?

While building inspectors will look at fixtures throughout the house, they typically only look for base-level issues such as proper installations and if the water is flowing correctly. They do not have the knowledge and specialised tools to give in-depth plumbing inspections. This could lead to potential issues being missed that an experienced plumber can easily spot. For example, it’s been very common for building inspectors to miss faulty and illegal bathroom plumbing installations during the pre-sale inspection. This could lead to homeowners having a nasty surprise once the home has been purchased that could have been easily avoided.

What if I inspect the plumbing myself?

We definitely encourage people to take a look at plumbing fixtures and water pressure when looking at homes. However, without the proper tools and knowledge, it’s certain that important issues will be missed. For example, you might not notice leaks coming from the ceiling or walls that could mean extensive damage behind normal sidelines. Or that fixtures haven’t been sealed properly to prevent water from draining where it shouldn’t. These issues typically not seen by the naked eye can turn into disastrous and costly damage over time if left unchecked and can turn from a quick fix to an expensive renovation.

Why it’s better to have a plumbing inspection by the pros

By having experienced and knowledgeable plumbing professionals looking at all aspects of your home, they can uncover issues while they’re small and help save you money down the road. Typically up to 90% of plumbing inspections that occur pre-purchase have found issues that traditional building inspections have missed. By knowing these issues early on it can help you know if a house is the right fit or prepare you for any surprises the home’s water system might have. This also helps buyers in negotiating the home price depending on the state of the system and the overall cost to fix any issues.

We strongly recommend getting a professional electrical and plumbing company to perform your pre-purchase plumbing inspections. They can help you know if the system has faults and help you decide if the home really is the dream home you’re ready for!

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