How Landscaping And Hardscaping Can Increase Your Home’s Value

No matter what you do as a homeowner, it can seem like an endless project to create a home that’s worth a lot more than its original price. From new home additions to kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, the task of redesigning your home for better resale value can be physically draining, not to mention expensive. However, if you’ve been trying to find ways to boost curb appeal and haven’t given a thought to investing in a few quality landscape products, you’re missing out on a major chance to increase your home’s resale value without spending a ton of time and money on larger projects. It doesn’t matter whether you add a few nice details such as a walkway or a koi pond or decide to dress up your entryway to make it look a bit more inviting. If you’re someone who already loves to garden and spend time hardscaping, you won’t need any landscaping tips for inspiration. But just in case, here are a few things to think about when designing your new outdoor space.

Create Pathways

Whether you have a ton of unused outdoor space or just a small garden and patio, creating an elegant stone pathway is the perfect way to create a magical, intimate feeling in your own backyard. Creating a space where you can comfortably spend time during Spring and Summer isn’t just a great use of your time in the long run, it can act as a way to catch the eye of potential buyers. Installing pavers on your lawn or connecting pre-existing pathways from your garage to your patio isn’t as expensive or time-consuming as you might imagine: On the contrary. Most home projects involving pavers can be done in a few days’ time once you have all your materials. In terms of cost, this is one of the most affordable projects you can take on to give your home a bit more pop and create visual continuity in your backyard.

Design Creative Outdoor Spaces

You don’t need to go all out on a fire pit or koi pond in order to give your backyard a touch of class. While functional outdoor spaces are nice, all you need to create an inviting, enchanting backyard are a few strings of lights and a few well-placed garden sculptures or flowerbeds. Outdoor lighting can help make a home safer, better for parties, and can even act as a deterrent to certain outdoor critters who won’t want to lurk around a well-lit area. You can show off your hard work at night while making it far easier for your family and guests to navigate your outdoor space. Outside of that, outdoor lighting simply adds a touch of beauty to a backyard at night. Whether you need a reason to keep your outdoor space tidy and your garden well-groomed, or are simply looking for a way to illuminate your backyard, investing in an outdoor lighting system or solar lamps can help elevate your outdoor area to the next level.

Use Your Entryway and Garage

The places that guests, friends, and neighbors see the most of are often the parts of our home we never think to change. However, homeowners who spend some time beautifying their front lawn, home entryway, and garage path are likely to see a pretty serious return on their investment when it comes time to sell, even if they haven’t spent a ton of money on the remodel. Adding a few flowerbeds to front-facing windows, as well as creating a clean, brisk pathway to the front door can boost resale value by a couple thousand while taking on larger projects can bring on an even more handsome return. Even installing a fence in the front yard can give you a better return on investment as long as you keep it well-maintained. Remember, curb appeal counts for a lot when you’re thinking of selling, and nothing ties a home together visually like a well-kept front-facing fence.

Create Weather-proof Installations

Worried about all your hard work going to waste the minute the snow starts to fall? Fortunately, there are ways to make your backyard and front yard look amazing even when your garden is covered in a foot of snow. You can install a few garden sculptures and protected herb gardens, or go big and created a screened-in patio that allows you to enjoy the winter weather from inside a heated area. Try planting winter-proof flowers in your flower boxes, such as paperwhites. Putting a few heat lamps around can also help you stay toasty in your outdoor spaces when the temperature drops.




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