How To Make A Statement With Your Kitchen Countertops

If you’re redoing your kitchen (check out kitchens redditch), you’ll have plenty of different ways to use your home improvement project to create a space that shows off your personal style. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by choosing kitchen counters that really accentuate your personality and help you say something about your new, unique kitchen space. While many homeowners can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of designing the perfect new kitchen, it can also be an easy way to turn a formerly generic space into something that’s truly your own. This is the fun part: Between choosing cabinets glen allen va and finding the most unforgettable piece of marble or granite for your brand new kitchen island countertop, the choices are all in your hands. It’s up to you to create a space that you’ll be able to enjoy and share with family and friends for years to come. If you want your kitchen countertops to get everyone talking, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Choose a Luxe Material

If you’re redesigning your kitchen and want that palatial look, there are a few great options that will create a luxurious feel for your space instantly. Marble is a great option for homeowners who want a lighter countertop that’s going to look expensive and gorgeous no matter what. However, since marble needs to be sealed and tends to set the mood for the entire rest of the space, homeowners who are looking for a funkier vibe or want to mix and match might want to think about a more adaptable material with the same luxe finish, such as granite. If you want your home to look polished and beautiful but not cold, choosing a wood or even a laminate finish for your countertop could help give your space a more homey feel without losing that touch of luxury.

Consider Color

Whether you’re going for an all-matte look, gray tones, or a serious splash of color, you can find a countertop style that suits your mood. Homeowners that prefer a more adventurous style might want to try a fun color block style to match home cabinets. Using laminated surfaces for both countertop and cabinets allows a greater range of color and style options while remaining one of the most cost-effective options on the market. If you’re not looking to spend a ton of money but you want your kitchen to look colorful and striking, choosing a laminate countertop to balance out or match with the rest of your kitchen decor could be the perfect way to set a move and strike a tone.

Mix and Match

Nobody said your kitchen had to be matchy-matchy and boring in order to look beautiful. While certain countertops and stone types, such as marble and quartz, lend themselves to this, others work perfectly as a centerpiece or even a way to offset the rest of the colors and materials in the space. For instance, if you want the beauty of a pure stone countertop with a bit of a rustic flair to match other wood or vintage pieces in your kitchen, consider a raw edge countertop that will have a smooth, glossy finish with gorgeous raw, unfinished edges. If you want to play with opposites, go for a black and white style by choosing a dark granite countertop to mix with gold or silver highlights in your home, such as your kitchen cabinet fixtures. Using laminate will give you the ability to choose bold colors and highlight other centerpieces in your home, such as a brand new drop sink or newly refinished cabinets.

Create a Thrilling Centerpiece

There’s no better way to make your countertop stand out than by isolating it and making it the centerpiece of your kitchen. If you’ve chosen a beautiful piece of granite or marble, why cover it up or distract from it? Guests and family members who enter your kitchen should be able to have their eyes drawn directly to the main event: Your new countertop. If you have a kitchen island, think about choosing a piece of stone, granite, or wood that’s darker than the rest of its surroundings. This won’t just make your countertop the center of attention: It will make your whole kitchen pop. Even if you’re going for something more understated, such as a wood or laminate finish, choosing a colorful surface or beautiful dark wood finish can help draw the eye to the countertop before taking in the other details of the room. If you want your kitchen to be filled with light, choose a countertop that reflects the light beautifully and helps create a sunnier space, such as a light-colored marble or granite slab.


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