Brighten Up Your Kitchen With Stone Countertops

Kitchens form the heart of every home. It is quite important to have a kitchen that reflects the ethos of the family that resides in a house. It is a place of comfort and conversation, where kids grow up and mothers, no matter the profession spend an important amount of time. Therefore, kitchen designs should be carefully thought of in terms of accessibility, space and, last but not the least, the look and feel. A cosy and comfortable space with plenty of light forms an integral part of every house. One way of brightening up the kitchen is to use light coloured platforms and facades. The light naturally bounces off these surfaces and provides the illusion of a grander space. White marble countertops contribute to a beautifully classic look besides being heat resistant and highly durable. They truly shine and will bounce off light hitting the surface, natural or otherwise, creating a luminous space. However, acidic materials are advised to be kept away from the surface and spills need to be cleaned up quickly. Despite the moderate to high maintenance required for this material, it is quite worth the effort for a long lasting luxurious living space. An alternative to marble is granite. Essentially an igneous rock, the composition of this stone is a varying mixture of compressed grains of Mica, Quartz and other minerals. This enables the material to be highly durable making it chip and crack resistant. This surface can also easily withstand stains and is easy to maintain. White granite countertops are best suited for high usage, low maintenance kitchens that also aim to be bright and airy. The use of this material will instantly turn your space into a modern kitchen. A trend that is emerging for kitchen interior design is the use of sandstone for counters and floors. This naturally quarried material is strikingly good looking and is an ideal choice for bar or dining surfaces. As suppliers of sandstone are increasing, the material is becoming increasingly accessible and is highly favoured as a unique material with a classy look. The stone comes in rich earthy tones of beige, brown, mauve, grey and rose and can be cut into a variety of size. It exudes an elegant sheen that provides kitchens that use this material exclusivity in terms of looks. The biggest concern with this material is that it is quite porous and quickly absorbs into it any liquid that is spilled on its surface. It needs to be appropriately treated and maintained in order for it to be a long lasting addition to any kitchen. A bit more diligence like regular cleaning and quickly wiping up any spills is required with this material. It is highly dense and durable and will not become slippery when wet. Each stone is unique and will add a different touch to your kitchen space. All these stones add a lot of class to a kitchen and their durability ensures a solid return on the investment. Materials are best chosen keeping the interior conditions and the house taste in mind.

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