How to Keep Your New Property Secure  

New homes are exciting and attractive, marking a new chapter in our lives. If you’re moving into a brand-new property, though, it’s worth making yourself aware of the fact that it’s not only you to whom this new home is attractive.

Living in the UK, we’re fortunate to have relatively low levels of crime, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something we should look out for. Here, we take a look at a number of things you can do to ensure that your new property, and everything in it, is kept secure.


Keep your home closed 

The simplest things are often the most effective when it comes to security. The first, and probably most important, thing you can do to deter thieves is to keep your home securely locked when you’re not in.

Criminals can sometimes see an opportunity as an invitation, so it’s wise to take that opportunity away. In addition to keeping all windows closed, it’s smart to lock up thoroughly.


Fit an alarm 

Another effective deterrent is a visible alarm system. That small plastic box and its flashing light have prevented a huge number of burglaries and will undoubtedly continue to do so. In the event that a criminal is rash enough to ignore the alarm, you can be sure that any attempt to enter your home will be cut short and followed by a visit from the authorities.



If security is a top issue for you when you’re looking at new homes , it could be worth going to the next level and installing CCTV. It’s highly unlikely that anyone should attempt to enter your property under the threat of being filmed. In the event that anyone might try it, you should have a very good chance of bringing them to justice.

For a lower cost, it’s also possible to buy dummy cameras, which should be more than enough to ward off any criminals. Of course, these are also quicker and easier to install.



While it may not do a great deal to prevent anything happening to your home while you’re out, insurance is a great way to offer yourself more security such as fire protection services. In some cases, no amount of security equipment can combat crime. Insurance, though, can always offer you a simple way to repair any damage and replace any missing items.

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