Why Acquire Solid Wood Furniture for Your Home

Good quality furniture can add unparalleled elegance to your home. Although there are different fittings to choose from, solid wood is famous for apparent reasons. It’s sought after for the manufacture of exquisite tables, shelves, and beds. What’s more? Solid wood furniture is the best investment for any modern home in Singapore. Designers interviewed said wood always will add to the appeal and also accentuate the style for a more refined look.

So here are the reasons to acquire some solid wood pieces in your home:

  1. Resilience & Durability

Most solid wood items are made of oak, hardwood, maple, and walnut. Solid wood is long-lasting and durable, and its natural strength reduces the need to replace your furniture often. What about using them as outdoor furniture in the yard? You don’t require extra storage space indoors for your solid wood furniture. That’s because solid wood can withstand extreme weather conditions no matter the location.

  1. Fits different décor styles

Wood furniture never goes out of style. It will easily blend with other things in your stylish abode. If you have additional items featuring similar hues or texture, a Solid Wood Table Singapore will emphasize their look. It will blend in well with your flooring, shelves, cupboards, and many other details in your apartment, bangalow or HDB flat.

  1. Easy maintenance

Solid furniture requires less maintenance, and simple acts like wiping using a wood cleaner will restore the shine. Dust your furniture often to avoid large amounts of dust from settling on your furniture. The refinishing options for solid furniture are also endless. You can polish your old tables without spending much. Some of the refinishing possibilities to consider are painting, sanding, and staining.

  1. Uniqueness & Beauty

Solid wood furniture is a favorite among many homeowners, thanks to its unique qualities. Such pieces come with some variations and imperfections that make them stand out. These include; knots, grain, and color. The clumps occur naturally during the trees’ growth, while the grains vary depending on the style of cutting the tree.

For the color, the wood closer to the bark is lighter and tends to darken as it approaches the center. Such flaws don’t affect the structural integrity of solid wood furniture but instead makes it ever more unique.

  1. Value

Solid wood pieces fetch a higher price than ones made of less costly materials. Solid wood furniture is more durable than furniture made of plastic, veneers, or particle boards. Although it can be pricey, the value of such pieces will still be higher in the future than that of other cheaper options.

  1. Sustainability

Solid wood is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It uses tree species that don’t harm the environment during harvest. Some furniture pieces are made of recycled, custom-made materials. However, this option doesn’t limit the charm or functionality of solid wood pieces.

Take home

No matter your style and design choice, nothing can compare to the look achieved by solid wood furniture in your Singapore home. Investing in solid wood fittings will enhance the look and value of your home. Such pieces are long-lasting and can easily fit your style and décor. Acquire a few pieces and appreciate the beauty of solid wood in your home.

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