Tips and tricks to make your house feel new again

Home is the father’s kingdom, the children’s paradise and the mother’s world. Yes, really it is surely true because on today’s date everyone is so busy in his/her life and in their tasks for achieving something in their life. Every individual has stuck down in their Hattic schedule. Our responsibilities and our duties take us very far away every morning from our home, but it is our love from home which makes us return home early every day.

A home is like a paradise on earth to everyone. But what should be done to really make your home look like a paradise, to give it a new and lavish look? It is quite obvious that no one, especially from the middle and upper and lower middle class can not afford the renovation for a house on annual or on a Bi-annual basis. Although doing the renovation for windows or gates in some areas has become a necessity due to weather conditions. In those cases, sources like EWF aluminum shutters really play like a pro in providing tremendous products that can be used in many tips for giving your house a new and `ala mode look.

Clean or replace wall to wall carpeting and rugs

Give your house a fresh feel by thoroughly and seriously deep cleaning or by replacing (If fits on a budget) the carpets or rugs. Yes, it will be the first step by which your house will give you a new look. For a refreshing look, the carpets and rugs should be shiny, without any stains on it and should be placed according to the area.

Paint or deep cleaning your walls

If your home has an outdated and boring color scheme or theme, and you want to give your home a stylish yet a decent look so Go-for White and green. Yes, well it is totally up to your choice which sort of paint you want in your home. So, accordingly, you can paint your home if it is in your budget. Otherwise, deep cleaning to your walls with a duster and cleaner will help you out to give a new look to your home.

Gleam up your furniture

Yes, clean up and gleam up your furniture, don’t forget this step is quite important in order to bring a new look at your house. If you don’t have polished your wooden furniture then polished it, it will bring the wonder effect to your house. You can select the furniture polish according to your furniture type. Different furniture polishes and waxes are available in the market. You can see the drastic changes and result in the look of your furniture and can enhance the beauty in your house.

Remove stains from marbles

Staining is prone to this porous surface. The kitchen is like the heart of your home; it is the area of your home from where one can easily judge that the hygiene factor is being maintained in the house or not?  So, it is a must-do job to clean and wipe up the marbles of your kitchen on the daily routine. As neat, clean and shiny marbles give a flourishing look to your house.

Refresh or replace your curtains

Adding up new curtains will bring a refreshing and lighting effect in the house. Choose curtains which can give a statement to the walls, and if buying new curtains are not in your budget limit. So, you can wash or dry clean them. All we want is just to have clean and well-organized things for bringing some new changes in the house.


Add Blinds and shutters in windows and doors

You get what you pay for, here it means that the more you will invest in your home the newer and trendier it will look. By adding different kinds of shutters and blinds you can not only make the house look great but you can save your windows and doors as well from the direct sun heat and weather effects.


Update your old outlets

While upgrading your old outlets will work as a cream on the top in our matter. Here we are trying to say that we all have our old outlets like lights, switches, plates and other outlets in a very poor condition, as we don’t change them for many years so they become yellow with cracks. So, you can update them.

Lights and some green plants

This will give a soothing and will add a bright calm effect in your home, adding lightning is a wonderful way to brighten up your living area. There are variant lights available in the market. You can put some table lamps, floor lamps in the lounge, and can add fairy /LED lights in warm shades for cozy and warmer effects.

By putting up some green plants in your lounge or in any specific corner of your house will make the look classy yet elegant.

Artwork and decoration pieces

You can give a final touch up by adding up this step. Artwork can be hung in your lounge or bedrooms as well. They are a great way to show some creativity in your home, the same for the decoration pieces your choice for them should be swanky and stylish.


To live in a beautiful house is everyone’s wish. But for that, it is not necessary to renovate your house every time to make it look new, by adopting these tricks and tips you can bring some new changes. These tips will provide a longer life to your things as well as they will intensify the beauty of your house and will make your house feel new again.

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