North Carolina Fences Define Borders, Provide Security and Privacy

A fence serves many purposes for a homeowner.  A fence can outline the property’s borders. It can keep pets or livestock from wandering off the property. Fences can add a beautiful contour around a garden.  The right type of fence can add security, privacy, delineation and decoration. Working with fencing services lawsonville nc can lead to your choosing the right type of fence for your property.

Security Fences

Security fences for the home differ greatly from those used for businesses.  They usually make home security fencing of wood, composite or steel.  The finished on this fence is weather-resistant paint and if made of steel; they galvanize it to withstand exposure to the weather. These fences are tall, well above eye-level and the average human’s height and they may include a locked gate for entry. Security fences mainly limit access to the property, but they do not prevent access by the determined intruder.   Business security fences however, are a bit more of a deterrent.  They make these security fences from chain link fencing often topped with barbed wire or coated wire fencing at such a height that it would require a focused effort of climb. The substitute toppings for security fencing include versions of barbed wire: concertina coils (coiled barbed wire), anti-climb spikes and razor wire.

Privacy Fencing

Manufacturers make privacy fencing from a wide range of materials.  You’ll see privacy fencing erected in brick, wood planks, composite materials, ornamental metal, chain link fencing, corrugated metal, evergreen shrubs and climbing vines. Bamboo fencing is even available for security fencing.  You’ll see either rolled reeds or bamboo planks in light colors or dark used to construct bamboo privacy fencing.  The most expensive form of privacy fencing is ornamental metal. They make ornamental metal fencing of extruded and molded curved, bent and welded steel made to creative shapes that beautify the landscape. Stone wall fences are another option for creating privacy around your home. Stone is one of the materials that do not require maintenance and they last forever.

Property Dividing Fencing

The most commonly used fencing when our society was primarily agrarian was the wood rail and the wire gauge fencing. Today’s land owner usually works in an office and doesn’t need to protect livestock or a newly planted crop, so beauty is the main factor in choosing a property defining fence. Highlighting your property’s border is a popular use of fences.  Many homeowners decide to use a row of trees or bushes rather than construct a fence around their property, but still you see their need to define the separation between their property’s border and the neighbors.  Sometimes these lines save you the trouble of keeping up your neighbors’ property unknowingly.

• Picket Fence and other wood fencing
• Decorative aluminum fencing
• Decorative PVC fencing
• Wrought Iron fencing
• Vinyl fencing
• Chain link fencing
• Bamboo fencing
• Farm fencing

Living comfortably in your home means being sure your home is safe, you have privacy and your property is free from abuse by wandering animals and intruders.  A fence can give you that assuredness, privacy and security. Fences are worth their money.

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