How To Create a Magazine Worthy Fire Pit

Fire pits are great for outdoor entertaining. They allow you to invite neighbors, friends and family over to gather around the fire. There are plenty of options to fit your style if you’re looking for a fire pit that does the job but also serves as an eye-catching entertainment piece.

Wow Guests with a Metal Fire Sphere

These fire pits, which can be made from handcrafted metal, will do their job well and serve as a great conversation piece. A variety of designs or scenes can be carved into the metal, turning your fire pit into a work of art. When you really get the fire going, it’ll fill the sphere, creating a stunning fiery backdrop to the images etched on the metal.

Bring Modern Flair with a Rectangular Pit

This is a good choice if you hold large gatherings in your backyard, as long pits will fit more people around them at a time. If you would prefer a gas fire pit, consider adding fire glass to the pit for an extra wow factor. This will add an even more sleek, modern flair to your fire pit and cut down on maintenance.

Seat Guests Around a Table and Fire Pit Combo

This pit makes comfort and convenience a priority. While space around the fire pit is limited to how many seats you can fit, this is a good choice if you’d like to sit and share a meal around the fire. Design and size vary with this type of pit, but you can find models with a contemporary feel that will impress guests, all while preventing them from having to hunch over their food in a chair or stand with their plate.

Choosing a stunning and unique fire pit will help to make an equally stunning outdoor entertainment space for you and your guests to enjoy. Done right, such an addition could even add value to your home. Whether or not you’re planning to move, a stunning fire pit is a great way to wow your guests and make your yard as unique as the rest of your home.


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