5 new and unique ideas for carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a pretty boring task, and you are not always excited to do it, but if you know a few new techniques for carpet cleaning, you would be able to enjoy your work and be delighted with the results that come out. Carpet cleaning is important, and it cannot be ignored, but it could be made a fun thing to do if you know what to do.

Follow these five amazing and new ideas for carpet cleaning and enjoy your task more than you could even think of.

  • Try shaving cream for a change.

Whenever we have a spot on the carpet, the first thing that gets into our mind is the baking soda and vinegar mixture. However, it is famous for being really good at stain killing; it does not work perfectly every time. So for a change, try shaving cream. Yes, you read that right. Apply the shaving cream on the stain and let it stay for a while, then rinse. You would be delighted with the results.

  • Give steam cleaning a try.

Steam cleaning is essential for the sake of thorough cleaning of the carpet from the inside as well. It will provide a deep clean that would reach the back and the core of the carpet, leaving it super clean, smooth, and dry.

  • Use ice to get rid of gum.

What one finds most horrible about the carpet is the sticky gum. You can make use of ice to get rid of the gum sticking to the carpet badly. Apply an ice cube over the gum and keep rubbing it, it would get dry, and it would become pretty easy to scrub it off the carpet with your nail. Try visiting Keller carpet cleaning for more details.

  • Try heating as well

Now that you know that the carpet can be cleaned with the help of ice, why not give heating a try as well. When there are oily or waxy things stuck to your carpet, it becomes easier to remove them with heating. Apply heat to such an object, and it would melt away easily.

  • Move the things while vacuuming.

To achieve thorough cleaning of the carpet, try moving the carpet objects while you are using a vacuum. This would give a thorough cleaning, and the carpet would be cleaned till the last fiber of it.

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