Ideas for small kitchens

Even the smallest kitchen can look nice, comfortable and spacious if only selected the right colours, furniture designs and locations.

First of all, remember that a small kitchen can look even smaller if the furniture is massive or half of the room will be taken by the fridge. To save space, the best way is to get mounted equipment, choose simple design furniture and bring smaller stuff between bigger. It not only makes the room look bigger but also gives more functionality and place for creativity.

The kitchen can be designed using the same colours as and other rooms. However according to designers colours in apartment effects and people’s emotions, so it is better to choose warmer colours, which could make people feel more comfortable. Everyone has their favourite colours and for the kitchen is important to bring it to create a special mood. For small kitchen is not recommended to choose dark colours, because it only shrinks it more. It is better to choose bright colours, of course, it will not make a room bigger, but will give some charisma and harmony. Also, a good way to create an optical illusion is to use different colours of furniture, like the bottom furniture could be white and on the top – black.

For a cheap budget, to avoid renovation works, a good solution to bring some colours or tone to your kitchen is windows blinds. It not only gives functionality to get rid of daylight but also can be as excellent interior detail. A big number of choices you can find if you visit our website. There you can find anything you like and if it happens that nothing fits you, then you can upload your own photo and Decoshaker specialists will make tik to blinds.

So, for a small kitchen, the best solutions are to get mounted equipment and play with colours. The most important thing is to use bright colours which makes room optical bigger and use your own favourite bright colours to create a perfect mood for every day.

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