Uplevel Your Home Office

When redecorating your home, most homeowners focus on familiar rooms such as the living room or kitchen and neglect the room where a lot of work gets done – the home office. However, creating a welcoming home office space isn’t as hard as you might think. If you want to design an office in your home that you can spend hours at a time in without wanting to leave, follow these simple tips. 

Upgrade Your Chair

You spend a lot of time in your office chair, so make it a comfortable one. Gone are the days of boring, uncomfortable office chairs. There are a ton of stunning ergonomic chairs on the market these days that provide comfort and mobility with built-in 4 inch caster wheels and designs that follow the natural curvature of your body. With the right office chair, you’ll be able to sit in the same position for long periods of time without hunching over or fidgeting, which is vital to getting work done.

Add Color With Paint and Accessories

An inexpensive way to transform your office and make it a desirable place to be is to add color with paint. With paint, you can give a room an entirely new look and feel and make faded, dingy walls look fresh again. You can even add a chalkboard wall to add fun and function to your office space. Also bring in colorful accessories, rugs and potted plants to bring the space to life and add dimension to an otherwise boring room.

Get Creative With Storage

Prevent your desk from getting cluttered by adding storage space wherever you can. You can use old furniture pieces or modern modular storage solutions. Anything to keep items off of your desk and out of off of surfaces will upgrade your office instantly. You can even get creative with your storage solutions by using old trunks or baskets to keep items in. Or use metal wall hooks with attachable bins to creatively organize and display your office gadgets.

Bring in Light

Instantly brighten your office and reduce eyestrain by adding light. Adequate light is essential for being able to work in a space comfortably for a long period. Add task lighting to your immediate work area and overhead lighting to light up the whole room. If possible, place your desk by a window to capitalize on any natural light coming into the room. 

Stay motivated and be productive in your perfect home office by implementing these tips.

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