3 Ways to Decrease Your House’s Selling Time

After you’ve owned your house for a while, you’re ready to sell it and move to a new home. Whether you’re retiring and downsizing or starting a family and finding a bigger house, you need to make sure that your home is in top condition. Invest in the following home improvement projects to increase your house’s value and speed up the selling process.

Landscape Your Yard

No one wants to buy a house that looks uncared-for, and one of the quickest ways that people judge negligence is through the yard’s appearance. If you have ignored your garden, trees, and grass for the past few years, contract a company such as Westside Grounds Lawn Care to get your yard back under control. Have landscaping services completed at least once a week throughout the selling process, since the plants on your property will quickly return to their overgrown state if you don’t keep up with them.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

New kitchen gadgets come out faster than you could possibly use them. While there’s no need to install a voice-activated fridge or a wood-fired pizza oven, make sure that every major appliance in your kitchen works well. The oven must actually heat to the temperature it displays and the dishwasher should run efficiently and without leaks. You probably want to bring your microwave, coffee maker, and other small appliances with you when you move, but they should still look nice so that they do not bring down the kitchen’s overall appearance.

Remove Your Wallpaper

While wallpaper used to be popular, most people today prefer the look of painted walls. Additionally, removing wallpaper is a long process that seems particularly daunting to people in the midst of a move. You can leave your wallpaper up but be prepared for house hunters to be discouraged by its presence. Unless you want to reduce your asking price to accommodate your less-than-ideal decor, strip the walls, and paint them in neutral colors such as white and tan. That way, all your buyers have to do is cover up your paint with the colors they prefer.

Preparing to sell your house is a lot of work, and it’s hard to watch your home undergo so many changes. However, with the help of professionals, invest in these services so that you catch house hunters’ eyes quickly. After all, you don’t want to spend months looking for buyers when you want to get on to the next phase of your life.


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