Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Air Conditioning Tune Up

We all do it from time to time – delay the important things we need to get done because they aren’t a pressing concern until it’s too late. Many of us put off the dentist until we have a toothache, we don’t go to the doctor until we’re sick, and fail to have our HVAC systems inspected before something breaks down.

But in every one of those examples, it doesn’t pay to delay having your teeth or your air conditioning checked out on a routine basis. The result is all too often higher costs and longer downtime when it could have been avoided by getting a checkup every year or so.

Just like our bodies, our air conditioning units can suffer from neglect and proper care and upkeep is necessary for the operational integrity of the system. Having your air conditioning inspected on regularly can alert you to minor issues before they become big problems.

There are a variety of substantial advantages to having your system inspected and here are just some of the reasons why delaying a tune up of your unit is a bad idea. If you haven’t had your air conditioning checked out lately, give Bradley Mechanical air conditioning service a call and we can take a good long look at the condition of your unit.

A good tune up can improve your energy efficiency, air quality, and low your heating bill and cooling bill after just one visit. It’s best to have problems discovered early on so you don’t end up paying a lot more to fix them with extensive repairs.

Save Money

Everyone loves to save money, why don’t you take the precautions for doing just that today? The best way to do that where your air conditioning is concerned is by getting your system tuned up before the start of the heavy use season.

Early detection of potential issues and complete avoidance of them altogether are both good reasons for not delaying a tune up. This will save you money in more ways than one. It’s true that your repair bills will be reduced but you can also save money through lower energy costs.

If your air conditioner isn’t running properly, you may need to run it longer in order to feel comfortable in the home. HVAC units that run for extended periods of time can do a real number on your wallet in higher utility bills.

Avoid Problems

Many homeowners will have their HVAC systems inspected in the spring, before the summer months bring a high demand for air conditioners to work round the clock in the extreme heat. Once the summer ends, the cooler air starts to come in, you’ll want to start warming up your home as the temperatures drop.

Neither of these situations is the time for your HVAC system to suddenly stop working. High temperatures without air conditioning can be uncomfortable and dangerous. That’s what makes an air conditioning tune up such a smart idea for right now – you may have an issue developing in your unit that you won’t even know about until it unexpectedly shuts down your system entirely.

Fixing the problem could take days, maybe even weeks. The technician might need to order a part that won’t be in when you really need it most. The bottom line is, you’ll be left in a hot home without the use of your air conditioning unit all because you delayed having a tune up.

Preserving Your System

HVAC systems can get very expensive, not just to operate and repair but to replace entirely. This is due to their complicated design and manufacturing processes and when one part isn’t working correctly, the whole system can start to fall apart.

But routine inspections and tune ups can ensure that your air conditioning system is maintained properly so that you can get the most use out of it for as long as you own it. When it’s well cared for, your air conditioning will last significantly longer than if you neglect it and allow small problems to grow into bigger ones.

A properly cared for HVAC system can also increase the value of your home as potential buyers will be more likely to make an offer on your property when they know it has a working air conditioning unit that won’t break down when they move in.

So while putting out some money now to get a tune up might seem like an expense you’d rather not incur at the moment, think about how much more you could spend, or lose, later on down the line.


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