How to Maintain the Quality of Your Carpet Over Time

Carpet is something that you may not think about all that often until you notice it’s beginning to lose its high-quality appearance. In the course of our busy lives, floor coverings probably aren’t at the top of the list of daily priorities.

This is perfectly understandable for those homes that don’t pose a lot of threats to the well-being of installed carpeting. It’s those households that see a lot more foot traffic, particularly from pets and children that need to be a little more diligent about maintenance and routine upkeep.

That’s because carpets can start to lose their luster over time and it’s due in large part to all the people walking over it on a day to day basis in addition to any messes that are left behind to become long-lasting stains. Sometimes a spill can turn into a permanent remembrance while carpets that don’t receive even the least amount of maintenance in routine vacuuming can start to show signs of excessive wear and tear.

Health Concerns

Carpeting that is not maintained very well isn’t just ugly to look at but it can pose some potential health issues in the home. Forget about the fact that your carpet is going to start to look musty and faded, you could be bringing in all kinds of germs and allergens that can lead to foul odors and respiratory hazards in every room where your carpet has been installed.

The longer you allow dirt, grime, and dust to accumulate, the worse it can be for your health as you breathe in all of those harmful contaminants each time you walk across the surface fibers of the carpet. Even worse, those irritants can get ground deep under the fibers and become stuck over the years, ready to enter the airstream with each step.

When you inhale them, it can trigger respiratory problems like asthma and other breathing problems.

So maintaining the quality of your carpet isn’t just good for the look of your home, it can also do wonders for your health.

What are the best ways to ensure that your carpets are always looking and feeling just like the day they were put into your home? Here are the most important things you should always keep in mind:

Mind the Mess

Homes that are more prone to spills and accidents taking place should be ready to take care of those mishaps immediately when they occur. The goal is to clean it up before the spill has a chance to set into the fibers and turn into a stain.

The way to do that it simple, yet specific. Always blot, never wipe up the excess moisture or whatever substance has been left behind on the carpet, and once you get it all, take extra care to address the problem with a suitable spot cleaner. That will take care of that spill once and for all and you won’t have any faded remnants of accidents past hanging around.

Regular Cleaning

Tending to your carpet when there hasn’t been a spill or an accident is just as important for maintaining the quality of it for the long term. That starts with routine vacuuming, even if you do nothing else for your carpets, establishing a schedule for weekly vacuum sessions can do wonders for preserving your carpet.

Vacuuming is ideal for getting all of that dirt, grime, and other irritants that can be dragged in by shoes and pet paws from the outside. When you vacuum up these things, they don’t get stuck in the fibers of the carpet or kicked up into the air as you step.

But there’s more to do than just vacuum if you really want to keep your carpet looking its best. You should also schedule professional carpet cleaning Brisbane either once or even twice a year, based on how much traffic your carpet sees on a daily basis.

The key to keep carpet clean is to do it often and you can never go wrong with a professional job on a regular yearly schedule. Not only will it get to all of the worst contaminants and ground-in dirt, but it can also help you erase some of those hard to remove stains that might still be lingering around.

Take Off Your Shoes

As I said earlier, shoes can be one of your carpet’s worst enemies. Think of all the places you walk through on any given day, you are bringing all of that gunk and grime with you into the home on the soles of your shoes. Taking them off when you come in can go a long way to preserving the quality of your carpet over time.


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