5 Good Reasons To Consider Adding A Deck To Your Home

Whether you want to spend your summer days basking in the sun, or simply want a place to hang a few plants, having a deck installed from Archadeck of Richmond can be a great way to class up your home’s exterior. There are tons of reasons to consider a deck for your home, from creating more space for friends and family to hang out to turning an average-looking outdoor patio into a stunning oasis where you can go to get away from it all. Even if you’re not someone who thinks about increasing curb appeal or home value, building a deck can give you a whole new way to think about and appreciate your home, especially if you’re someone who loves spending time outdoors when the weather is fine. Whether you love entertaining or can’t get enough solitude, adding a deck to your home can create the perfect outdoor paradise without breaking the bank. If you’re thinking about having a deck installed, here are just a few of the possibilities you can look forward to.

1. Great Entertaining Space

If you have a home with a lot of outdoor space, you might spend a lot of time wondering how best to use it. Install a fire pit or koi pond? Put in pavers and create a small garden? Install a small playground for the kids? You might even be tempted to leave the area as-is. However, homeowners who install a deck won’t just have the benefit of finally being able to use that extra outdoor space. They’ll suddenly have a great excuse to show it off as well by inviting friends and neighbors over for parties and informal get-togethers. If you’re someone who loves having guests over but doesn’t like the overly-formal atmosphere that sometimes springs up as the result of a more traditional sit-down dinner, having friends over for drinks on the patio or putting together a neighborhood cookout can provide the perfect excuse for easy, social summer fun. What’s more, having people over for a deck barbecue or an informal round of drinks means you can have the kids run around in the backyard without interfering with your dinner plans.

2. Increase Home Value

There are tons of home improvement projects you could undertake that could help you boost your home’s resale value, such as a kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel. However, unlike most of these projects, which require extensive planning and cost, building a deck doesn’t actually take that much overhead. If you plan on installing the deck yourself and buying all your own materials, you can get away with building a small deck for around $2,000. For a budget-conscious homeowner, that might seem like a lot. However, when you consider what you’ll recoup should you plan to sell the home while also considering the cost of a comparable project like a bathroom renovation, you’ll find you’re getting off easy. Even building a more expensive or larger home deck should still come out under $7,000, which tends to be half the cost of a professionally-done bathroom or kitchen renewal project.

3. A Quick Home Improvement Project

In addition to being pretty easy on your wallet, building a deck also shouldn’t take too long. It won’t require you and your family having to move out to avoid plumbing issues, and if you start in the spring you should be ready to entertain by summer. Because you’ll be working outside, you can move as quickly as you like installing your deck. You won’t have to deal with obnoxious construction or tools around the house, and you can even keep your work on the deck confined to weekend hours if you choose. Building a deck puts you totally in the driver’s seat. The entire project can be done on your terms, and by the end of it, you’ll have a brand new, professional-looking addition to your home.

4. More Space

If you’ve ever longed for more space, even just for sitting and lounging around outside, building a deck could be the answer to your prayers. You can turn an under-used area of your backyard into a private paradise without spending a ton of time or money on a giant home improvement project.

5. Make the Perfect Investment

If you’re looking for a way to boost your home’s curb value without putting down a ton of money, you can create a much sleeker, more up-to-date look for your home by installing a brand new deck. Your home will look better from the outside, and you’ll have much more space and freedom to stretch out during family events, parties, or even during a lazy, luxurious weekend at home.


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