Choosing The Right Window Treatments For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be one of the coziest, most charming parts of your home. It’s the place where you start the day, and the place you return to after the day is done. Why shouldn’t your bedroom be your sanctuary? When it comes to designing a perfect space for relaxation and pampering, windows and window treatments play a huge role. Believe it or not, choosing the right window treatments for your home, especially if you’re decorating newly-installed replacement windows richmond va, can brighten up your room, dim the lights, create a calmer atmosphere, and make you want to spend more time in your bedroom all at once. Even if you’re just trying to create a chill, elegant vibe for your bedroom, choosing the right window dressing can help you achieve the perfect look. If you’re ready to take your bedroom ambiance to the next level, here are a few ways to find the perfect window treatments for every bedroom style.

Silk for Romance

Do like your bedroom to set a certain mood, even when you’re not around? Some homeowners like the idea of setting their bedroom up in a specific style to represent a break from the rest of the household. Bedrooms that look different visually than the rest of the house can even help get your body prepared more easily for sleep. So why not design your bedroom as a romantic place for relaxation, lounging, and indulging? Draping large swaths of silk can certainly help achieve this effect. During the day, silk is a light enough fabric that the sun will still be able to filter in through your window to give you a good enough natural light. It won’t end up overheating the room or blocking out the light entirely, and you’ll be able to swap it out for a heavier fabric in the winter to achieve the same effect. At night, you’ll be able to come home to a truly palatial-feeling bedroom that’s welcoming, cozy, and beautiful to look at.

Blinds and Pleats for Stylish Privacy

If privacy is your top priority, you’ll want a type of window treatment that doesn’t just functionally block off the light. You’ll want something that enhances a feeling of safety and relaxing alone time. Sure, you can invest in a standard blackout curtain to achieve this. Or you can find long, stylish drapes and floor-length blinds that will add a little bit of style to your private sanctuary. Letting drapes, curtains, and pleated blinds hang low will give you a regal sense of privacy. You can always opt to let the light in by parting your blinds, and when you’re done for the day you can close your curtains and enjoy the warmth and safety of a totally impenetrable fortress.

Let Light In with Layers

There’s nothing wrong with being slightly indecisive, especially when it comes to your bedroom. If you live in a mixed climate, you might not love the idea of having to swap out heavier drapes for lighter blinds each time the weather changes. The best way to prepare for truly unpredictable weather, lighting, and personal mood is to use layers to add a creative touch to your window dressing, Whether you have small windows or giant floor-to-ceiling models, using a variety of drapes, gauzes, and sumptuous fabrics won’t just turn your bedroom into a mystical paradise. It will help shine better, softer light on your room without heating up the internal temperature, and it will allow you to have easy, instant control over the look and feel of your bedroom. Start with a few light drapes over your window and work from there. You’ll be able to easily experiment with colors and consistencies to see what works for you.

Use Irregular Shapes to Your Advantage

Have an irregularly-shaped window? When it comes to finding treatments for your window, have an oddly-shaped or distinctive window in your bedroom can make it hard to find the right look for your space. However, irregular windows can actually inspire you to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to window treatments. Try draping a large curtain over the area, experimenting with bookcases and small windowsill plants, and using irregularly-shaped pieces to make the most out of your oddly-shaped window. You can even dress it up with fun fabric trims, hardware details, and drape styles you might not otherwise have tried. Still stumped? Try cutting your own drapes to fit the unique shape of your window and hanging them yourself. You might discover that you have an eye for decoration!


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