5 Great Ways to Use Your Bay Window Alcove

If you own a period home that was built in Victorian or Edwardian times, you might well have a bay window. These attractive windows really add to the space and light in any room and are popular with homeowners. While they look great, these windows can create a slightly awkward space, however. Here are some ideas of how to make the most of your window alcove.

Add Bespoke Curtains

As bays can be unusual sizes – that is, non-standard sizes – you might find you need to have curtains specially made in order to achieve a smart, tidy finish. Think about whether you want your bay window curtains to touch the floor or stop just below the windowsill. Elle Decor says that puddling curtains on the floor by around four inches is currently a fashionable look.

Use It for Your Coffee Table

A long coffee table can look great in a bay alcove. You can add a lamp to it to bring a cosy warm glow and to light up an area that is often hard to light in the evenings. Add a pile of coffee table books or current magazines in order to create a relaxed space.

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Use Lightweight Blinds

Bays let in a lot of natural light as they have windows on three sides, but if you value your privacy, you will still want some form of window covering. Lightweight blinds can maintain your privacy while still letting in light.

Install Shutters

A great way to increase insulation, add an interesting feature to your home and add an extra layer of security, tailor-made shutters look great on bays. If your bay windows need replacing before you make any additions, be sure to use a reputable firm such as www.firmfix.co.uk/windows/bay-windows.

Add a Window Seat

These kinds of windows are simply made for window seats. After all, what could be cosier than snuggling up with a good book and a hot drink and gazing out of the window at the wind and rain during the cold winter months? Have a seat specially built or improvise by buying a large bench that just fits the alcove and covering it with soft throws and lots and lots of squishy cushions. Next, sit back and relax in your new window seat.

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