Reasons Why More People are Ditching Traditional Wardrobes for Fitted Wardrobes

It should not come as a surprise anymore to see more houses with fitted wardrobes. They are a practical choice and they can also be very functional. These fitted wardrobes also come in different designs. They can be customised, so you can include your personal ideas in the design of the furniture.

In the past, freestanding wardrobes were really popular. Over time, more people have seen the value of fitted wardrobes. Here are some more reasons why they are chosen.

There’s more storage space

The fitted wardrobe can be flexible depending on what kind of clothing you put inside. If you want to include accessories, it is also possible. The space can accommodate everything that you want since it is customised. It can also be done in such a way that when you have more of a particular item, like shoes, you can create a separate area just for them. You don’t need to worry about the number of items you put inside since the fitted wardrobe can surely accommodate all of them.

They work well with any space

Freestanding wardrobes have to be of a specific size. They can’t be too tall as they might not fit in certain houses. You should also consider the door. It might be very difficult to open and close the traditional wardrobe if you have limited space at home. With fitted wardrobes, everything is designed based on whatever space you have. Even if your place is small, it does not matter. The wardrobe can still be designed to fit perfectly.

They last a long time

The materials used in fitted wardrobes can also be customised. You can check on these materials to ensure that they are top quality. You might have to spend more on customising the wardrobe, but you will get a lot in return. You have the assurance that it will last for a really long time without spending a lot on maintaining its quality.

The choices are unlimited

The problem with freestanding wardrobes is that you can choose only based on whatever is available. If you have specific designs in mind, you can’t have them. When you want better choices, you have to order the wardrobe elsewhere and spend more money on its delivery. There are great choices online as well, but it takes time before your order arrives.

With fitted wardrobes, you won’t have to worry about design and quality. Everything can be changed based on your preferences. The furniture won’t be just furniture you use for storing clothes, but something that reflects your personality. It can also spruce up the look of your bedroom or any other area in which it is installed.

Besides, designing this furniture can be fun. In the end, if you are going to spend money on a wardrobe anyway, it is better to have one that best speaks about your personality and preferences in life. It will also suit your bedroom better.

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