Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – The Emerging Claims Management Industry

When it comes to claims management as a sector, there is always a new trending craze which the claims management firms are chasing up on, with people in every subsector needing claims management services for a range of different personal mis selling occurrences and personal injustices.

The New Claims Management Saga: Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

There have been millions of households affected by mis sold cavity wall insulation with many people being provided with cavity insulation services on properties where they haven’t even needed this type of work, and not only that, the work carried out has often been of poor quality and has caused ongoing damage to their property which costs £00,000s to fix properly and to restore the structural integrity of the property.

Claims management companies’ have responded to this need by offering claims management services to the affected public, and people have been successfully receiving compensation for mis sold cavity wall insulation already, with payouts on average anywhere between £10,000-£23,000 however there have been figures both higher and lower than this.

With cavity wall insulation claims, it can be possible to receive compensation within 3 months provided the claim is carried out as quickly and as efficiently as possible, the amount of compensation the recipient receives is proportionate to the amount of money it will cost to fix the issue, which is influenced by the types of materials the property has been built in, for example stone properties cost more to fix as opposed to brick properties and thus it requires more compensation for it to make sense for the claimant to want to make a claim.

Cavity Wall Insulation: Fixing The Faulty Work

The faulty building work carried out on the cavity wall space can cause extensive damage to the property.

Fixing this problem is a necessity to prevent continuous damage to the property, this building work is necessary but expensive.

The compensation must cover personal damages and the inconvenience to the victim of the mis sale but also the cost of the work and physical damage to the property.

The procedure to fix the work involves the removal of the insulation (which at the point of removal has often decayed and is not fit for purpose), by the process of cutting into the wall and vacuuming the insulation out of the wall, then the insulation is either replaced or a new procedure is undertaken altogether.

I Think I May Have Been The Victim Of Cavity Wall Mis Selling or Faulty Work, What Should I Do?

If you are reading this and anyone you know or yourself has been the victim of mis sold or faulty cavity wall insulation then there are companies’ you can contact for help with the problem, which will help on a no win no fee basis to work to win compensation.

Make sure the company you choose to contact operates on a no win no fee basis, otherwise you may end up paying for a service which brings no compensation.

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