Why you need to organize your garage in first place?

You might be amazed to know but the US Department of Energy has reported that in US, there are around 25 percent people who have 2 garages for the vehicles but they cannot park their cars inside them. Wondering what the reasons could be? Yeah, you got it right. A loaded and unorganized garage is what makes it impossible for the home owners to park their cars in them. This leads to the parking of the cars outside the garage and results in a big percentage of stolen vehicles every day.

So, if you want to tackle this problem and you too are looking forward to declutter your garage, you need help. And help is here with us as we have brought to you the practical and applicable tips and tricks that would help you organize your garage in a better way, make room for vehicles to be parked and to get you some free space for new stuff as well.

Remember that the garage organization St Petersburg would be a tedious task so make sure that you have a whole day dedicated to it and make sure you have got all the stuff from the garage out on the drive before managing it.

  • When you are about to declutter, select the useful items carefully. If there are unnecessary things in the garage, get rid of them and send them for recycling.
  • Try to make more space on the floor for the vehicles and utilize the walls. There are so many possibilities for you to take for making space on the walls. For this you can make certain racks, counters, cabinets and other hanging baskets etc. if you have a lot of balls to store, depending upon the sizes of the balls, create a DIY rack for them where you can easily place them all.
  • The ropes are the things that you need in the time of emergency, but if they are not kept well, they could get entangled and can make a mess. Hanging the ropes after rolling them around, would save a lot of space for you.
  • Then there are tools that are needed in the time of work and they all have to be easily accessible and near. So you can either make use of a magnetic strip to hang the tools or simply use a peg board to display them.
  • If there are still a lot of things to manage in your garage, you can get a new DIY shelving system where you can place boxes on the shelves and label them to know them. The shelves and the boxes keep your things in place and easy to find.
  • If you have to keep toys in the garage as well, you can make a separate shelves system or a DIY rack with baskets for them. Boxes and baskets serve best for storing items explicitly.
  • Small items such as bottles and other things can be stored on the smaller racks attached to the walls.

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