Tips When Decorating Near Your Septic System

A septic system is a must-have for home owners, but it’s not the prettiest element to have in your landscape. Covering it up with greenery so it will blend into the landscape is best way to camouflage this necessity. Care must be taken when decorating near your septic system and these tips will help you do it the right way and end with beautiful results.

What Not to Do

  • You can cause damage to your system by doing too much to landscaping and outdoor decorating around your septic system.
  • Planting a tree within 25 feet of the system will eventually cause problems. The far-reaching roots of the tree can eventually grow through the field-line and stop up the system, causing sewage to back-up into your home and create a costly repair bill.
  • Large growing shrubs are just as bad as trees. Select small shrubs, flowers and grasses for use to decorate around your septic system.
  • Fencing, either the wooden privacy fence style or the chain-link style should not be place near your septic system. The deep holes must be dug to install the fence post and the installer could accidently dig into a line or other component of the system and cause damage. Even if no damage is done during fence installation, in year to come when the septic system needs maintained or replaced, the fence will probably be damaged.
  • Keep fruit and vegetable gardens away from the system as the produce could become contaminated if the system should become faulty. Also, if produce plants are grown too close to the septic system they will be damaged during regular system maintenance or replacement.
  • Keep heavy items off of your septic system. Never park a car, golf cart, motorcycle or other type of motorized vehicle on top of your system. Don’t build or place a structure, like a picnic table or gazebo, on top of your system. The tank lid is solid and sturdy, it’s not designed to hold the weight of vehicles or structures.
  • Keep all decorations at least one foot away from an above ground pressure transducer (if your system has one).

Decorative Ideas

Anything that is light weight and easy to move can be used to decorate on and near your septic system. Create a rock garden, mini bird or butterfly sanctuary or a colorful potted flower garden.

Art work that can change with the seasons is also another idea for outdoor decor.

Septic Tank Riser

One of the quickest and easiest ways to camouflage a septic system is to use a tank riser that covers the tank and blends in the with surrounding grass. Add a few potted flowers and faux rocks around the edge of the riser and a light weight bird bath on the top and no one will know the septic system is there.

Rock Garden

Faux rocks are light weight and look like the real thing. Easy to use in outdoor decor and easy to move when the septic tank has routine maintenance. Add a few decorative pieces to your rock garden, such as a ceramic frog and gazing ball, and you will have created a serene outdoor area that is a great spot for relaxing.

Art Work

Use the tank lid to paint a mural or to create a mosaic with broken tiles. The lid is a large, concrete canvas that can be used to create original art work to brighten your landscape.

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