Refresh your sola wood flowers

As the world has altered a lot, the preferences are also turned so much. Today, people are very busy in their daily activities to the maximum extent that they do not have enough time to leaving home and stepping outside to fetch things. Even, there are so many options available today for online purchase. This looks far easier and simply these days because of the pandemic threat of Coronavirus. Nowadays, everything is just at the distance of a button. This existence has made the efforts simpler and preserves so much of our time. When we plan to offer a gift or even a small thing to your beloved, how amazing it could be that a gift or package, travel itself to your doorstep. All you need is to place an order and wait until you. Yes! This is the reality of this decade. if you are planning to do so, we will suggest you get flowers. But, wait, not those natural ones. We are talking about hand made sola wood flowers. Of course, you must have known how to make sola wood flowers but since you want to purchase them online you can do it within no time. once you receive your parcel, you are all set, you only need to fluff your sola wood flowers to bring them to life. Here, ahead in this article, we will give you details about how to fluff sola wood flowers

Try to customize your sola wood flowers

So, now, as you have left the idea of how to make sola wood flowers and want to bring a little ease by simply ordering them from an online shop, you have all the options to redesign your wood flowers as well. You can ask for whatever is your desired shape and dyes as per your requirements. Make sure, you order them at least a week before the day you want to present the gift of sola wood flowers because to refresh them you need to fluff them with a quite simple yet risky strategy. But, don’t worry, we will go to brief you here with stepwise details of it. Moreover, there are several video-based tutorials available on the internet that you can try to watch to learn the methodology to make fluff your sola wood flower quickly and easily.

How to fluff sola wood flowers

Sola wood flowers are the amazing and most preferred flower everywhere. This is because of their amazing features and classy look. Moreover, whenever we talk about offering them as a gift, nothing can ever beat their excellence. What else could be this great? Let’s move to the steps that you can follow to fluff sola wood flowers.

Step one:

Take lukewarm water in a bowl. Make sure you don’t overflow it

Step two:

Dip the flower gently in the bowl such that petals get moist

Step three:

Press gently all the petals one by one

Step four:

Take out the flower and set aside to let it dry for a few minutes


Sola wood flowers are easy to refresh and even curl them again if needed. Moreover, as you have enough knowledge about how to store sola wood flowers, it will be quite easy for you to decide how to initiate and keep them safe for a long time.

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