Benefits of tile floors

Believe it or not, floor tiles are estimated to last for decades if they are treated the right way. Their flexibility and compliance towards environmental circumstances keep them in high demand. More and more people are intrigued by the adaptability and longevity offered by them as it allows them to stay in the trend loop at any time of the century.

You don’t have to worry about the seasonal changes and weather conditions damaging your house’s flooring after installing tiles in your house. No allergens and irritants can propagate on their smooth surface because of the unfavorable breeding environment for them. Not only this, its cost-efficiency is another incentive for people to pick it as their flooring option.

We have compiled a list of benefits that you will get after installing tiles in your house. Read below to find out more:

Waterproof & Impermeable

If you are familiar with floorings other than tiles, then you will know how challenging it is to keep them away from anything liquid. Water and coffee or tea spills are some of the main causes of spoiling your house’s flooring. Once you spill any kind of liquid on them, it is impossible to restore its original color, design, and condition.

Unlike them, tiles are known to be completely waterproof and impermeable because of the material (ceramic, porcelain, etc.) they are made from on order. Apart from the usual nature of the tiles, one can maximize its impermeability and protection against all kinds of liquid by glazing the ceramic tiles.

Moreover, environmental conditions, especially humidity and rainy weather, has no drastic effects on the nature of tiles. Their water-resistant character makes them a suitable option for the flooring of the kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms. You will never see any other type of flooring option being considered for wet and humid areas in your house.

Weather conditions of Canberra are not too drastic especially when it comes to the moisture content in the air. Tiles in Canberra range from ceramic to stallion and grout but all of them need to be sealed and protected before they can be pegged as waterproof.


Unlike carpets and wood floorings, tiles are extremely susceptible to the water and other liquid stains. You don’t have to worry about coffee spills, paint stains and several other unsightly tints that can tarnish the view of your flooring. Even if something falls on them, you can simply get rid of it by using conventional means of cleaning.

Almost all tiles offer a certain kind of impact resistance which means small and lightweight objects won’t be able to crack them. Even if you drop heavy objects, the impact won’t be able to cause much damage. And if it does, you can easily replace the cracked tiles with new ones without using any elaborate means to replace it.

Flexible Designing Options

Advanced production and designing techniques have made it easier for manufacturers to etch all kinds of patterns and motifs on tiles. You can buy tiles that look like stones or wood or something else entirely without paying much for the job.

If you are hesitant to install tiles as your house’s flooring because of some design limitation, then worry no more. No matter what kind of design you have in your mind, manufacturers can cater to your needs in more ways than you can imagine.

Aside from the flexibility in design, tiles come in different shapes and sizes. You can ask the workers to cut them according to space in your house or even outside your house. Other types of flooring such as wood and carpet are not easy to install especially in the corners of your house.


If you are looking to minimize the cost of the flooring in your house, then ceramic tiles might be the most convenient option for you. It is the most affordable type of tiles you can find in the market especially when you opt to install them by yourself instead of seeking some professional help.

But if you seek professional help and other types of tiles, then the cost of tiled flooring will be no less than hardwood or carpet flooring. If you want to keep the budget to a minimum, then stick with ceramic tiles and try to install them by yourself instead of hiring professional help.

Irritants & Allergens

Since the surface of the tiles is glazed and shiny, therefore it is impossible for allergens and irritants to find a favorable environment to propagate on its surface. Anything that can cause an allergic reaction from an individual, ranging from pollen to dust doesn’t sit too long on the surface of tiles.

By any chance, if you find these irritants on the surface of your tiles, cleaning them shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Using a simple broom and bacterial disinfectant wipes are enough to get rid of these allergens at once.

Nature of its Surface 

The surface of ceramic tiles is glazed and shiny, unlike other flooring options. Its smooth and hard surface is difficult to walk on but is easier to clean compared to other floor types. You can use the conventional means of cleaning to get rid of the dirt and dust gathered on its surface.

Aside from that, it doesn’t need any dry clean and deep cleansing to stay clear of irritants and allergens. Simply wiping the surface with a disinfectant and anti-bacterial chemicals should be enough for your house.

The cold and hard surface of the tiles makes it an unlikely option for countries that support freezing temperatures. But there are ways to get around it as well by insulating these tiles completely using some advanced techniques. If the insulation still doesn’t undermine the freezing temperature then adding rugs and carpets can serve as an added layer of comfort for you.


If we compare the installation rates of tile flooring with other types of flooring then the former will be much more feasible and cost-efficient for you than the latter. Moreover, the technique for installing tiles is easier than other flooring types.

The easy installation process makes it much more budget-friendly than other flooring types.

Wrapping Up:

It might be hard to digest but the flooring of your house sets its overall ambiance and mood. It not only determines your behavioral patterns but your house’s temperature graph as well. Most people say that tiles are not suitable for households with children or for a cold environment but using the right precautions can make it appropriate for any kind of household. You just need to have enough knowledge to make it work for you!

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