Built-in vs. Freestanding Tub: Which One is Better for Your Bathroom?

Don’t you just love spending your leisure time relaxing in the tub while sipping your favourite wine? The bathtub is such a useful invention and it has been around for hundreds of years. Tub manufacturers keep on producing new designs and styles which give homeowners more choices especially when they want to revamp their bathroom interior.

Bathtubs are no longer limited to their functional features. In fact, most homeowners today use bathtubs for aesthetic purposes. Tubs, after all, make a wonderful addition to any bathroom. There is diversity of designs you can choose from. You can select a tub according to its shape, size, colour, and style. Two of the most commonly used types of tubs are an alcove or built-in and freestanding.

Some homeowners struggle to choose between a built-in and a freestanding bath because they both look nice in a bathroom. Built-in tubs are mounted against a wall or sometimes installed within an enclosure. Freestanding tubs, on one hand, are treated like bathroom fixtures because they can be placed anywhere. You can even use them as a focal point in your bathroom. Let us help you decide which product best suits your tastes and needs by evaluating some key factors.

Which type of tub costs more?

The cost of a bathtub regardless of if it’s built-in or freestanding depends on its design, style, size, and material plus the types of taps you wish to use. Back in the early years of the introduction of freestanding tubs, they cost more than usual alcove tubs. Today, there are several brands that offer them at a lower price.

There are other factors that affect the cost of a freestanding or built-in tub, and these are the cost of the plumbing work and the cost of building the enclosure. If you choose the freestanding tub, you will most likely pay more for the plumbing work. If you end up with a built-in tub, you will invest in building the pre-made enclosure.


Which tub is more space efficient?

One of the main factors you must use to help choose a type of tub is the available space in your bathroom. If you have a small space to work with, home interior design experts recommend the built-in type because you don’t need to set up floor mounted taps which often go with a freestanding bathtub. Additionally, you can conveniently install a shower combo with a built-in tub.

On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom and you want to play around with the arrangement of fixtures, a freestanding bath is the perfect choice for you. You can place it in the centre or perhaps somewhere near the window. It can definitely attract attention most especially if you choose one that comes with a posh design.

In choosing between a freestanding or a built-in bath, make sure you consider both the aesthetic and practical values of each tub. Additionally, you must consider its accessibility especially if you have kids or elderly people in your household. Each type of tub comes with pros and cons. Understanding what makes each type special is key to helping you select the best option for your bathroom. So, which type of tub are you going to choose?

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