7 Essential Improvements for Your Next Bathroom

Nobody wants a dull home. A modern home isn’t complete if your bathroom isn’t suited to accommodate your current needs. Renovating your bathroom adds value and style to your home. But, bathroom remodeling is an art itself and any slight mistake might spoil the stylish nature of your home.

So, what crucial improvements should you make to enhance the appeal of your bathroom? Well, read on to know the essential decorative tips that can make your bathroom glow and add some taste to the overall appearance of your home.

  1. Hidden Cistern Toilets

The phenomenon of toilets with hidden tanks has become very popular in most modern homes. These toilets have their water storage vessel installed inside the bathroom wall, thus saving on space. Besides, the design incorporates a low-flow model that helps in saving water when you flush the toilet.

The beauty of these cistern toilets is that they fit well with most contemporary decors, thus, completing the overall appearance of your home. However, routine maintenance is quite challenging because you can’t access the tank easily. In such instances, kindly seek the services of professional plumbers who understand how the toilet cistern works.

You can also go for the tankless toilets that use pressure valves, though they make a lot of noise and are usually used in industrial settings.

  1. Small, Textured Shower Tile

For the bathroom floors and walls, there are numerous options of tiles that you can choose. Remember that safety is key, especially for the tiles of the bathroom floor. Otherwise, installing slippery tiles can cause accidents that you can avoid by merely installing textured shower tiles.

So, choose a tile that has a rough texture. Such tiles will enable your feet to have a firm grip on the floor, especially when it gets soapy. Besides, the bathroom tiles should have extra grouts that are resistant to mold, stain, and humidity. This makes cleaning of the tiles quite easier as compared to their slippery counterparts.

Mix and match different ceramic and porcelain tiles to add style and fashion to your home décor.

  1. Two-Inch-Diameter Drains

Most bathroom drains use 1.5-inch or 1.25-inch diameter pipes. Research shows that such drains are susceptible to blockage, especially if you have several people using the same bathroom. As such, you’ll spend extra money when seeking the services of professional plumbers to unclog the drainage system.

Two-inch-diameter drains cost the same amount of money to install. However, they are quite efficient and don’t block easily like their 1.5-inch and 1.25-inch counterparts. The 2-inch diameter pipes will improve the functionality of your bathroom significantly and help you save the money that you’ll use for regular drainage unclogging services.

  1. For Large Bathrooms, Install a Tub

Even though a bathtub is not always a necessity, it adds value and creates appeal to your home. If you like taking baths, then a bathtub is of great significance to your daily bathing routine. As such, seek the services of professional plumbers and get the tub that fits your taste and preference.

One advantage of the bathtubs is that there are varieties that you can choose. Always seek the expert opinion of interior designers to get the right idea of what bathtubs to pick to add value to your décor.

If you have children, installing a bathtub will save you a great deal, especially when you’ll be bathing them.

  1. Install a Window to Improve Bathroom Ventilation

Humidity is one of the greatest bathroom enemies. The humidity arises typically from the moisture that remains trapped in the bathroom due to improper ventilation. You can do away with this problem by installing a bathroom fan, but this is not enough.

Installing a large window in your shower helps to keep your bathroom clean. The ventilations give room for the expulsion of mold and mildew from the bathroom. Also, a window will improve the natural lighting of your bathroom. Thus, you won’t have to switch on the lights every time you’re in the bathroom. As such, the window ventilation help homeowners to significantly cut down the electricity bills.

  1. Install a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

You can make your bathroom neat by installing a recessed medicine just above the vanity and a few inches inside the wall. This extra wall framing doesn’t cost much. However, it gives a complementary look to the overall bathroom décor.

With this, your home will have a modern touch, especially if the vanity is installed on the shallower side of the bathroom walls. Besides, the recessed medicine cabinet doesn’t take so much space. Thus, it creates room for bending over when you’re using the sink that is recessed into the wall.

The installed recessed medicine cabinet is such that you don’t have to worry about hitting your head on the edge of the mirror; unless you’re the tallest person in the world.

  1. Change Your Current Lighting

Most bathrooms usually don’t have access to natural light. Installing windows sometimes don’t create much significance, especially at night. So, enhance the mood and functionality of the bathroom space by improving or changing your current lighting system.

The main lights should be a little dimmer. For the bathtubs, don’t go for full artificial lights as they won’t set you in the right bathing mood.

You can add recessed fixtures to the bathroom mirror so that you get the best lighting conditions when you’re applying make-up, shaving, or doing your hair. You can spice up your shower by adding lighting in it rather than around the shower.

Final Words

Remodeling your bathroom is an art that takes time and interest to develop. A modern home isn’t complete if the bathroom is dull. A stylish bathroom adds some flavor to the overall décor of your home.

Besides, a modern home should have a bathroom whose functionality and efficiency is above the roof. So, use the tips mentioned above and add some style to your once dull bathroom. Also, seek the expert opinion of an interior designer before you embark on the bathroom remodeling expedition.

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