5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Pipes

Leaky and damaged pipes not only cost you money, but they also waste many valuable resources such as water. These small issues later become more significant problems that endanger both the health of your family and the structure of your home. Leaks create a perfect place for molds and fungus to develop, affecting the air quality in your home. Damage to walls, wood being rotten and structural deterioration all have associations with damaged pipes. Do not let this small issue become a major structural repair project. Instead, opt for professionals with the best pipe relining costs to take care of the problem for you. Before hiring any experts, let us give you some tips to identify possible repair problems with your pipes.

  1. Low Water Pressure

A sure sign to know that your pipes have a leak or damaged in any way is when you start having low water pressure. However, do not just jump on a conclusion; this can also happen due to clogging or airlock. However, after taking all the necessary steps of unclogging, the problem persists. Then the question is sure to relate with damaged pipes. Check all your faucets to determine whether the water pressure has lowered or if it is all over the place. If that is the case, call your plumbers now as you have damaged pipes.

In most cases, you can quickly resolve the issue by cleaning off the residue from an aerator and screwing it back. However, if this does not help, there might be faults present. These faults may include eroded waterlines, fractured pipes or water leak. Do not try to handle them by yourself or else it could get worse; call for professional help immediately.

  1. Rust Spots or Corroding

The water pipe system runs through the whole house and a rust spot might happen, even in an unexpected place. This could mean your pipes have lived their life and outdated, needing immediate repairs. Besides rust, the pipes can also have cracks or holes and calls for serious concern. The older your pipes are the more chance you have of having potential damage. The damage only gets worse if you allow it to persist. Make sure to call in your experts if you spot cracks, rust, or any other physical damage.

Besides rust and cracks, corroding can also happen. Look for possible corrosion in visible pipes like in the basement or outside the home. If you spot corrosion there, it means corrosion is happening inside the lines too. This needs serious attention before they burst. Replacing your pipes might be expensive, so before wasting money in replacements. Be sure to contact your local plumber to take their advice and start working from there.

  1. Damp Walls & Floors

If your home was built a long time ago, chances are you still have the old piping inside. This original piping may cause an issue in the future as more damage likely happens, as the pipes get older. If you think you still have that old piping present, contact your plumber for an inspection. Any water stains on the floors or walls mean your pipes have serious leakage inside. This dampening causes molds and fungal growth which affects both the air quality and health of your family. These damp patches also weaken the material holding in the walls or floors and cause damage to the structure. Do not take this issue lightly as the longer you take to resolve it, the more damage it will cause. Contact your experts immediately as soon as you see damp spots to save both the piping and structure.

  1. Sewer Odor

If you feel a sudden smell of rotten eggs or sewer odor, chances are you have a leak mixing with your water lines. Do not take this lightly as it is nasty and harmful for both the environment and health. These can wreak havoc with your foundations and other structural areas as well as contaminate your water supply. If you observe a dark color in the water, call for inspection immediately. Treatment systems like filtration may help you out in preventing and eliminating water contaminations.

Additionally, do not ignore soggy patches in the grass as it indicates a pipe leak outside your home. Check if you have an irrigation system installed; otherwise, a sewer leakage might be the possibility. In such cases, call for a licensed plumber to handle the repair as soon as you can.

  1. Strange Noises

Whenever rust, clogging or damage happens to pipes, the water has trouble in making the sufficient flow. This causes the pipes to produce strange noises that indicate a blockage in need of immediate removal. Any loud noise or sound is a pressing concern for you and needs an inspection. Prolonging such an issue causes the blockage to build up and ultimately, leakage happens while causing a lot of damage to other structural parts. This will, in turn, cost you a lot of money for replacement or repair if not handled properly on time.


Damage to pipes is a serious concern that needs immediate attention from you. You can prevent severe leakages and damage by taking the points mentioned above into consideration. Do not prolong any issue identified for too long, as it will cause damage to both your home and your pocket. Before wasting your money on DIY project attempts, be sure to call in an expert to check the pipe system and make your decision accordingly.

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