Tips on Preparing and Planning to Move

Moving to a new home is often an arduous process, even when it’s far from the first time you’ve done it. The best way to smooth the transition is to have a clear plan of action together from the start, including a schedule, necessary resources and outside assistance. Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you plan for your move.

Budget for the Process

It’s important to have a sense at the start of about how much you can afford to spend on moving and where most of that will go. Contact various moving services Charlotte NC to get pricing estimates and use that as a starting point. This includes budgeting your time as well, gauging how long certain steps will take and marking off days for other appointments. At the same time, you should have some extra cash on hand in case something unexpected happens.

Identify Packing Requirements Early

While many items need little more than boxes and tape, others need extra care. Fragile items, such as glassware, should be packed to minimize jostling and the risk of impact, using bubble wrap and soft packing materials. Larger items like pianos or some furniture pieces also require a coordinated effort. Make sure that your movers are aware ahead of time.

Confirm Your Address Change

As moving day approaches, take the time to update your address with any companies, services and organizations that you receive mail from. This ensures that you don’t lose any packages—or worse, that you avoid being implicated for fraud because you missed payments.

Decide What Needs to Go

Sometimes, you may find you’ve accumulated too much stuff to feasibly move it all to another home. While taking inventory, look into storage options for items you want to keep but can’t bring to the new home immediately. Also, don’t be afraid to sell or donate items that you’ve left unused for a long time—less clutter means faster packing and unpacking.

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