Effective Ways to Reduce Waste at Home and Help the Environment

Protecting the environment is not an exclusive job but a collective responsibility! Every person have to take command of the waste they generate from their homes and otherwise. Waste management is a well-organized task that every household must perform responsibly to do their bit for the environment. The dumping yards store the waste we throw away from our homes. Therefore, if we volunteer what we throw, there can come a sustainable change. Let us consider a few practical ways to reduce waste at home.

Adopt The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We all have learnt about these three R’s in school, and it is time we apply them in regular life. Reduce the use of plastic and non-biodegradable waste. Reuse the products that still have life. And recycle all the goods and waste materials that come under this category. One can either check the list of all the trash and products that come under these categories on the internet or take the help of experts. Some NGOs and companies perform these kinds of services.

Substitute Paper Usage

Minimising the use of paper saves millions of trees annually. Print less, use soft copies and computerised forms and reuse the paper bags offered at shopping malls. Just like plastic, overuse of paper is also not beneficial to the environment. Reuse all the possible products and items made with paper.

Try Composting: Store Wet Waste Separately

Composting is a two-way benefit road! It creates natural fertilisers using the wet waste we dump every day from our kitchen. And it prevents foul smell and decomposition of other harmful materials in the dumping yards.

Waste Segregation Is Important

Do not put all kinds of waste in one garbage bag and dump it in the trash chutes. Segregating the waste as per their composing period and reusability makes more sense. Keep plastic bottles, glass materials, kitchen waste, dust residues, etc., in different sections.

Say No To Plastic!

Plastic takes years to decompose, and some of its forms may never complete that process. Also, these plastics are dumped into the sea and lead to the deaths of thousands of marine animals. Use clever ways to reduce water waste and protect the lives of sustainable development is our responsibility and crucial for our next generation to survive on our planet! If we wish to keep using the products of mother nature, we have to protect them. Every responsible household can contribute to saving the environment from permanent damage.

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