Backyard Family Fun No Matter How Large Your Space

They say the family that plays together stays together, but coming up with new ways to bond can be a challenge. Why not think outside the box and head beyond your home’s four walls? Whether your outdoor area is an expansive estate or a tiny balcony, adventure is calling. The only thing stopping you from creating new family memories is your imagination! From an elaborate backyard playground to a more intimate gathering space, here are some of the best ideas.

For Lots of Acreage

If you’ve got it, use it! Imagine your yard as an extension of your home by creating separate “rooms.”  Arrange an area for active games like croquet or horseshoes and another for quiet pastimes like puzzles or board games. Set up a dance floor including outdoor speakers playing a fun mix of music, and balance it with a super-secluded spot for meditation, maybe with a relaxing water feature or stunning metal sphere fire pit at its center.

How about leveraging your land for an outdoor scavenger hunt? Send everyone searching for leaves, bugs, or interesting photos.  You can make it as simple or involved as you’d like. Don’t forget to create lots of winning categories with prizes that further family unity. Most artistic photo of an insect equals an extra hour of playtime with Dad? Win-win!

For Suburban Lots

You don’t need to leave home to experience camping in the great outdoors. If you already have a tent, pitch it! If not, hang a tarp or sheet over a long branch or clothesline and haul out some blankets. Use your grill or fire pit to roast hot dogs and s’mores, then snuggle together to observe nature settling in for the night. Even if most of your family ends up opting for the convenience of indoors long before the sun comes up, the time spent together under the stars can be epic. Be sure to enact a no-electronics policy; it allows everyone to experience the sights, sounds, and smells they would otherwise miss.

For Small Spaces

If your family’s only outside area is a balcony or small patio, make the most of it! Give everyone a comfy place to sit, provide tangy lemonade in an ice-cold glass, and break out the memories. Evoke meaningful conversation with open-ended questions and get ready for laughs, tears, and deeper connections. Some sidewalk chalk or coloring books for the little ones will allow them to contribute artistically while they’re soaking in the conversation. Get bonus points for a mood-setting scented candle or incense.

For Everyone

Home is what you make it. Make yours a place where your family grows closer by using the space outside your door as the backdrop for fun and memories.

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