4 Red Flags for Potential Home Buyers

Shopping for a new home is exciting, but in your haste to find the perfect house, you may overlook some crucial red flags about a property. With the help of your realtor and this insight, you can avoid falling for a home that has a lot to hide from potential homeowners.

Red Flag #1: Too Much Scent

Though it might make the place seem more like home, too much fragrance in the room from a burning candle or freshly baked cookies can be masking a serious odor problem. Without the scents, they may be covering up a smell of must from the attic or basement, which may mean water damage has occurred. A strong sewage odor outside may mean that it is time to call in a septic tank cleaning Orlando company.

Red Flag #2: Foundation Problems

Don’t wait until a home inspection to find out that there are serious structural concerns with the house. Carefully make your way around the foundation and look for cracks or holes. Though it may look like a small problem, cracks can lead to cave-ins or settling on side of the house. These repairs cost thousands.

Red Flag #3: Poor Maintenance

A home that looks like it hasn’t been well taken care of probably hasn’t been. Fresh paint can cover stains and mask smells, but you don’t know what the disrepair has done to things that can’t be seen. Leaky faucets and missing light bulbs are just a few things to notice.

Red Flag #4: Nearby Water

When you see bodies of water near the property, you have to wonder about flooding. In the summertime, drought may have the creek or stream appear non-threatening, but after a week of rain, how will it look? You may also be subject to higher insurance costs if you are in or near a flood zone.

These are just a few of the red flags to look for when buying a house. A seller isn’t always going to disclose these issues, making it important to do a thorough job of looking around the home before you put in an offer.

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