Value of Trees is Plenty, But Valuing The Maintenance Value is Beneficial

Trees offer us the two essentials of life, oxygen and food. They provide us more necessities such as tools, medicine and shelter. There is a steady increase in their value and with the needs of modern lifestyles, benefits are continuously expanding. Environmental Value Trees contribute by providing improved air quality, oxygen; it supports wildlife, preserves soil and conserves water. It also maintains a balance in the climate. In the photosynthesis process, trees produce oxygen, taking in carbon dioxide. As per a study, a forest one acre puts out oxygen to nearly four tons and absorbs carbon dioxide to six tons. This is more than enough to fulfill nearly 18 people’s annual requirement. Shrubs and turf remove dust and suck up other pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. As plants capture unhealthy particles, it is washed by rain. Trees control climate keeping the effects of the sun, wind and rain in moderation. Leaves absorb the radiant energy of the sun. Trees preserve warmth from harsh wind. They protect us also from hail, sleet and downfall of rain. Trees reduce the greenhouse air temperature and the heat intensity retaining carbon dioxide to low levels. Ecological value Trees are essential for eco-systems. They store rainwater and reduce the sediment deposit from running off after storms. They also help in recharging the ground water supply, thereby prevent the chemicals transport into streams, and thus prevent flooding. In fact, even the fallen leaves enrich soil as compost. Animals, right from elephants, giraffes and koalas eat leaves. Nectar is for birds, insects and bats, while flowers for monkeys to eat. The fruits eaten by animals help disperse seeds and hundreds of creatures home are the trees. The branches that are leaf-covered are perfect shelters for squirrels and birds, keeping them safe from predators. Social & Community value Trees are important for every community. This is the reason that our backyards, playgrounds, streets and parks are lined with trees creating an aesthetically, peaceful pleasing environment. Enjoying cool shade is possible during outdoor activities. They also serve as a town pride and historic landmarks. Using trees in cities prevent the sunlight, thus reduces the heat effect caused by commercial buildings and pavement. Spiritual & Personal value Trees are majestic and beautiful. They also are in variety of forms, shapes, colors and textures. Each tree has an appearance and seasonal change. The lifespan, strength and stature of trees make them monument-like. Reacting to the presence offers a comfort and relaxed feel. Trees offer evidence of your growth and alongside your kids. There is emotional connection and the strong bonds are part of childhood memories. The sentimental value is immeasurable. Maintenance value There are lots of values that the list is endless. However, with the value of trees, maintenance of trees is more important to enjoy the benefits. Trees need to be taken care of; the branches must be cut if not required. Tree maintenance is required also for your safety during heavy rains and storms. It is dangerous as it may fall causing a big irreparable damage to the society.

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