Why Cedar Is The Best Wood For Your New Fence

Building a fence begins with the choice of wood. Texas has a variety of extreme weather conditions to deal with. In harsh environments such as the Gulf Coast region salt spray, numerous insects and wind can take a toll on fencing shortening its life considerably. The International Building Code classifies cedar as a naturally durable wood.

Different Types of Cedar

Cedar comes in a variety species with variable qualities. The code classifies Western Red Cedar Type C as moderately durable and depending on its interior it also can receive a highly durable rating. Western red cedar Type B, Eastern red cedar, northern white cedar, and Alaskan yellow cedar classify as a durable. Each species has a different look to its grain and as it ages has a slightly different color to it. The oil in the cedar has a natural resistance to decaying and repels bugs ensuring the fence lasts for years. Best of all, the oil in cedar gives a pleasant fragrance as well. As a cedar fence ages, it can become oiled to renew its strength and cosmetic appeal. Consider those aspects when building or hiring someone to build when choosing a fence material.

Type of Fence

If living in a neighborhood many times the Homeowner Association (HOA)has rules for fence type and style. Check with the committee before making any final decisions on fencing before building. If no HOA some county codes will exist to guide building in construction or type. Many times hiring someone like Nortex Fence – Plano makes the task quick and efficient. A company such as Nortex Fence-Plano, Texas know the local climate, the type of soil the fence posts will extend into and how to structure the fence. Winds can blow across Northern Texas up to 100 miles an hour as seen in May 2019. Rather than a standard fence take a look at the possible customization features which may suit needs better. Cedar fences cost more upfront. When viewing a fence in terms of sustainability and endurance, cedar takes little to maintain and lasts much longer than other fencing materials.

Homeowners can confidently know that by buying high-quality cedar they will have fewer repairs overall. Replacement of a fence will happen years further in the future than most other wood fencing materials. A few kinds of wood such as black locust and osage orange have a very durable rating but come at much higher pricing with availability variable.

Other Considerations

Hiring a fencing firm means services such as staining and sealing. Sealing extends the life of a fence by not allowing moisture to seep in from rain and humidity. Limiting water soaking into the wood of a fence prevents decay. Sealing also prevents UV light from deteriorating the wood, and North Texas gets an abundance of sunshine. Staining changes the color of the fence. Homeowners sometimes like to add pergolas, gazebos, pool rooms, or hot tubs to a yard. Staining allows coordination between all the structures. Fence companies of the Nortex’s level often have services for stonework including fireplaces and permanent BBQ pits. Many will help create an outdoor living space that family and friends can enjoy over the years. Adding a deck to a yard space also increases the potential of the yard as a living space.

Adding Value with Fence

Having a stellar fence adds value to homeowner’s property and life. It gives the needed privacy, defines the space in an aesthetically pleasing way, and opens other possibilities to make a yard as useful and beautiful as possible. A person finds out the options by picking up the phone and chatting with Nortex Fence – Plano about their yard.

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