What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

In a house or other type of property, mold, dampness and mildew can often develop. This can cause major problems and a potential home repair. Many people decided they must to protect the area of their home with a barrier. This means they decide to have a crawl space encapsulation.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation issaquah wa is a type of vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is installed in an unfinished, raw space. The space is typically underneath a property. The purpose of a vapor barrier is to prevent dampness, mold and mildew from entering the upstairs space in the property.

What is the Vapor Barrier Material?

The vapor barrier material is constructed from a variety of materials. These materials include basic plastic sheeting to multi-layered reinforced polyester. The latter is a thicker type of vapor barrier material. It needs to be professionally installed.

When Should a Vapor Barrier be Installed in a Space?

It should be installed before any mold, dampness or mildew develops. However, if a homeowner has a severe problem in the crawl space or if there’s an existing mold problem, install the vapor barrier immediately. A professionally installed vapor barrier is made with thick sheeting will prevent further decay of the crawl space. It will also protect the upstairs environment from developing mildew, mold and dampness. The price of the crawl space encapsulation system depends on the exact procedure used.

For instance, some professional crawl space systems have a multi-layer, heavy duty polyester vapor barrier that is similar to a pool liner. The white high-density liner is spread across the floor of the crawl space, then attached to the walls. The material is puncture resistant, fire retardant and waterproof.

Other Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation

The main purpose of placing a vapor barrier in crawl space is to protect it from dampness, mildew and mold. However, installing a vapor barrier does having its advantages. For instance, it decreases cooling and heating bills. It’s easier to cool or heat the home when the area is sealed because air is trapped inside the crawl space.

Another advantage is that the vapor barrier provides a dry, clean space for storage. This allows the homeowner to store items without fearing they will become damaged by moisture. If the home is located in a floor-prone area, crawl space encapsulation may include drains, water alarms or sump pumps. All operate in a similar way to smoke alarms because they alert the homeowner to potential flooding.

Protecting a Home from Harmful Damage

Many things can damage a home that a homeowner can’t control like fire or water damage. However, a homeowner can protect their home from some potential damage such as mildew, mold and dampness. Although a homeowner can try to install the vapor barrier themselves, it is better to let a professional install it. A crawl space encapsulation should be handled by a professional, so the correct vapor barrier can be installed in the home’s crawl space.

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