What information you should have regarding Palapa Umbrella Thatch?

Have you ever thought that what those long roof umbrellas are known as? They are called Palapa umbrella thatch. It is a Philippine’s invention style of thatch and in 16 century it made its way to Central America. These umbrellas can create the perfection in finishing to your resorts, beaches, backyards or restaurants. They have the long lasting about 15 to 16 of years and requires very low maintenance too. They can fight against vermin and natural alternatives related problems. They can stay around 10 degrees cooler than the traditional umbrellas. They have the ability to keep your dining area cooler or comfortable due to the hot air emission through them.  How would you know the suitable size? How to install a Palapa umbrella thatch?

Here we have discussed the above mentioned questions and their answers.

Measurements and Selection of Style

The thatch umbrella are available in different sizes for small, medium and large spaces. For example if you have to place the umbrella at your backyard and there is a small place for that you can get yourself 9ft. umbrella. Or if you have medium size place then you can choose between 11 to 12 ft. diameters of umbrella. They are durable and in dry climates, little rainfall areas their lifespan can increase more up to 5 years.

The proper Installation of Palapa

Before installation of Palapa Umbrella thatch measure the frame from the center point to the outside edge. Multiply the measured digit by 2 and the add 1 ft. which will provide the space extension for the umbrella.

The grass umbrella need a proper installation as it allows the air to pass through it which make it durable and long life product. When you are installing your Palapa umbrella covers to the wood frame, make sure that it is staple with nylon ties to tolerate the strong wind impact. Always go for the permanent installation not for the seasonal one as they are designed for the longer term. Do not forget to tight the zip ties and use them everywhere while installing.

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