Usher in Fall with Eco Friendly Renovations

As the last traces of a particularly hot summer linger into fall, the first signs of chilly weather are appearing. While changing leaves fall gracefully from their bows, wood stoves are starting to fire. For some, fall holds the promise of cozy nights by the fire. For others it’s a much needed break from expensive summer electric bills. Then there are those people everyone knows that get a little too excited about the changing weather and decorate their homes for fall festivities the day after Labor Day. Regardless of which type of person you are, fall is here.

Depending on where you live, you might already be heating your home. Electric and gas heating options have maintained their popularity among older more traditional homes, but a pellet fired stoves are gaining in popularity. Stoves that burn hardwood heating pellets boast stunning sleek designs along with modern day efficiency. This green heating option has been utilized for many years in locations that are difficult for fuel companies to travel to during the winter and is an ever popular option in the South of the United States. Many people made the switch to hardwood pellet stoves after surviving disaster.

During the winter of 2008, New England was ravaged by an ice storm. Power lines were downed by heavy ice, and access to many areas was cutoff. Millions of people went without power for 11 days. Those people that were able to traverse the roads were left disappointed when they arrived at home improvement stores to find all the generators sold out. Residents of the area burning pellet stoves maintained warm homes throughout the storm because they did not rely on electricity.

Pellet stoves are not just for areas prone to harsh winters. They are also popular in southern homes. The mild winters of the south are perfectly suited to pellet burning stoves. Homeowners are able to heat their homes with a low cost, green fuel source. As these stoves have gained in popularity, the variety of models has increased. There are stoves out there to fit a contemporary or traditional interior. A bonus of this heat source is it also provides a focal point for your friends and family to gather around. Depending on where you live, your state department of energy may offer a property or income tax rebate. In New York, pellets aren’t subject to sales tax.

It’s easy to see the appeal of pellet stoves. They’re eco-friendly, reliable heating sources, and budget friendly. To top it off, professional installation can be completed for as low as $250. You can also brag to your friends about going carbon neutral for your heating source. The South of the Unites States produces a vast majority of hardwood pellets for the European Union as well as itself. For every tree that is logged for the purpose of making wood pellets, another is planted. A sleek interior design, an eco-friendly fuel, and a reliable heat source make warming up by the fire even more appealing this fall.

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