Maintenance Tips To Help Your Home Appliances Last Longer

With home appliances, it is easy to skip preventative maintenance as long as the machine works. As you schedule air conditioning repair Gainesville, take out time to ask the technician about preventative maintenance for your HVAC system and the rest of your home appliances. Here are a few insights to get you started.


At least once a month, clean out the inside of your fridge. Besides throwing out food and cleaning up spills, wipe down the door seals with warm, soapy water. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to your door seals to help them last longer. Remove and clean the base grill, and do the same to the coils behind or below your refrigerator.


When you finish a load of laundry, leave the door open so that air can circulate inside and prevent trapped moisture from turning into mold or mildew. Invest in washing machine cleaner to scrub your washer out once a month, or use bleach and the tub clean setting on your washer. Also, take care that you do not put more laundry in the drum than it can handle.


Check that you position your dryer on level ground. Placing the appliance on an uneven surface may cause the inner components to wear down faster, and poor balance could be the reason you have a noisy dryer. Just as it is vital to keep your lint trap cleaned, the same applies to your dryer’s exhaust vent. At least once a year, give the vent a thorough cleaning, making sure that you do the same to the exterior vent.


The debris your dishwasher sprays off your dishes can clog of the filter on newer dishwashers. Occasionally, clean out the filter so food particles do not gum up the works.

A little time goes a long way in preserving your appliances. Use these tips to help your fridge, washer, dryer and dishwasher last as long as possible.

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