How to Tell if it’s Bed Bugs

The sound of the phrase “bed bugs” makes most people cringe, and rightfully so. Not only are they gross, they can cause a lot of problems and be difficult to get rid of. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify a bed bug infestation and it can be mistaken for other things like allergies or mosquitos. Here are a few things you can look for to tell if you need hire a company for pest control services melissa tx residents can trust:

Bugs in Your Bed
This seems like the most obvious tell of an infestation, but there is a good chance that you might spot other signs first. If you see one crawling across your bed, it’s a sure sign that you have them. Where there is one, there are usually a lot more. Since bed bugs are great at hiding, you might not be able to see them at first, especially during the day. While bed bugs aren’t necessarily nocturnal, they tend to be more active at night as they are less likely to be spotted. Also, their food source tends to be easier to catch.

Rust Stains and Remains in Your Bed

Due to the fact that bed bugs feed on the blood of humans, their waste will leave behind blood stains on your bed. These stains can usually be found on the edges and corners and look like small black or brown dots in clusters. As bed bugs age, they molt their skin to make room for growth. When this happens, they will leave behind a shell where they molted. This shell is usually oval shaped and found in the corners and creases.


Bed bugs have a particular smell to them due to the pheromones that they release. These pheromones are there to signal their buddies and help them find a mate. The smell can best be described as a wet towel that has started to mold and smell musty.


Bed bug bites can be one of the first symptoms of an infestation. While many people would think this sign would immediately cause concern, many will pass it off thinking it is an allergic reaction or a bite from another type of bug. To make it worse, the saliva of a bed bug acts as a numbing agent so you rarely feel them biting you! An easy way to tell if it is a bite from a bed bug is the pattern that it leaves. They bite several times as they move along the skin and leave marks in a straight line or zig-zag pattern.

The Walls

One of the later stages of bed bug infestation appears on the edges of the wall. Bed bugs will crawl or nest along the edges leaving their waste, eggs, and shells. What you may think is a speck of dirt in the corner of the room could be something else entirely and a sign that your room is infested. Also, check other items that are upholstered like chairs and even carpets.

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