How to have the best roofing restoration in Melbourne?

Over a course of time roof of houses start to deteriorate and start dripping. There comes a time when they need to be cleaned and replaced with brand new tiles or other roofing to prevent water from pouring into your house and also make it look brand new. To know when it’s time to replace your roofing there is several things to look for. Here are something’s you need to know to have the best roofing restoration in Melbourne.

When to replace the roof of your house?

It’s necessary to get your roof replaced when you notice the following signs.

  1. The first and foremost thing one notices when it’s time to replace your roof is roof leaking. During rainy seasons it becomes more prominent and you can water dripping in various places in your house.
  2. Most roofing material used have a fixed life span once that span is over they need frequent repairs and can be costly too. At the end of this span it’s advisable to get your roof restore.
  3. Any form of corrosion or breaking of tiles or parts of chimneys or roof valleys is a sign that your roof needs replacing or at the very least a proper repair.
  4. If you see a part of the roof is sagging then it need immediate attention and it’s time for restoration.

How much it costs to restore your roof?

To have the best roofing restoration in Melbourne it depends on the following factors:

  • Size of your roof
  • How many storeys your house has
  • Material used for roofing
  • Condition of your roof

Generally the prices depend on the following factors and the prices may vary depending on the company you have asked the quote from. The basic costs of the restoration will be around $2500 for an average sized house and $4,500-$11,000 for a large tiled roof.

What things to keep in mind during roof restoration?

Always hire a licensed roof restoration team with proper insurance. Compare their quotes with other companies providing the same service and also ask for the warranty details that they provide for the materials used. Also, ask them about any previous customers and if they live in vicinity maybe give them a visit and ask about the service and the condition of their roofing.


If you are looking to replace your old roof in your house and are looking for the best restoration service in Melbourne then keep the above points in mind. Always look for a genuine restoration specialist who can make your house look like new at a justifiable cost.

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