Clear Dead And Dying Trees From Your Property This Winter

Homeowners in the United States are becoming more aware of the importance of landscaping, for the sake of curb value and quality of life. Dead and dying trees can become a catastrophe in the wake of a storm, falling debris can also decrease your property value and scattered pieces of waste or debris can become very hazardous during the warmer months.

In fact, it is important to act so that you can protect your loved ones and home from falling debris or windstorms. However, it is essential that you hire trained, ISA certified arborists, such as those from Chipps Tree Care, to do the work competently and safely.

More recently, however, we have observed in the United States many catastrophes caused by hurricanes and tropical storms associated with climate change. Dead and dying trees can become very hazardous in the wake of a windstorm and trees that have not been properly removed can become flying debris during a windstorm. It is important to be cognizant of damaged trees on your property, as the last thing a family wants to worry about is a dead tree falling on the roof of their house. It is so important to act – acting simply means protecting your loved ones and the home you invested so much time and money in.

Do you know that dead and dying trees can decrease the value of your property?

First, dead and dying trees can cause you more out-of-pocket expenses if they fall over than if you have them removed. High winds are one of the most damaging forms of weather in the United States –they create losses that have an annual average of $311 million to property and an average of $68 million to crops.

Secondly, fallen or rotted wood attract pests which include snakes, termites, ants, other wood eating insects, etc. Consequently, treatment for termites can cause a homeowner over a thousand dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

Why is it important to let trained professionals do the work?

Undoubtedly, trained professionals are licensed, and trained professionals have the equipment to conduct the work. Trained professionals make practical and effective use of their equipment and safely remove any unhealthy trees or branches located on your property. Removing trees is a very dangerous job, however, you do not want a tree to fall on your neighbour’s house or on your own house.

The experts and most cities recommend that you hire a trained professional when dealing with tree removal, so as not to put yourself in danger. Some other services a trained professional may offer include removing the dead trees or debris to an eco-friendly disposal site, pruning, stump removal, and planting.

In summary, it is important to remove dead and dying trees this winter. Fallen debris can cause a decrease in property value, scattered pieces of waste or fallen debris can attract pests and dry or rotted trees can become very hazardous during a windstorm. Furthermore, a dead tree is not strong which means it can fall – learn to identify dead trees.

Sometimes it costs less to hire a licensed trained professional to remove the dead trees rather than dealing with hardship and property damage later. Windstorms along with other natural disasters represent the main source of property damage, so stay abreast of the weather.

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