Budget-friendly ways to keep your home warm this winter

When the weather gets colder, it is hard not to crank up the thermostat on our radiators and rely on them to make our homes comfy and cosy, even though this will mean increased spending on our energy bills. The good news is that if you need to control the amount you are spending on heating your home, it may be possible to make some low-cost tweaks to your windows that will keep you warmer without breaking the bank.

Bubble wrap it up

A layer of bubble wrap on your windows can add some protective insulation and can be quick and easy to apply. You will need a large enough roll of bubble wrap to cover all the windows in your house, scissors, and a spray bottle filled with water.

Start by cutting a sheet of the bubble wrap to the same size as the window you want to insulate, then spray water all over your window. This will act as an adhesive to stick the bubble wrap to your window for however long you need it. The bubble wrap can be easily removed come spring’s warmer weather.

Press the bubble wrap sheet against your water-sprayed window, bubbles touching the glass. Smooth it down and you are done. Once you have insulated your window with bubble wrap, it is likely to lose less than half the heat the same window would lose if it remained uninsulated.

Other forms of window insulation

Thick curtains are another good idea to add extra insulation to your windows, while double glazing, secondary glazing and window films are all alternatives that a supplier could help you to understand better.

When you are looking for a supplier to help you update your windows Dublin has many options to help you source budget-friendly ways to upgrade your windows so that they keep your home warmer. Work with them to take advantage of their tips for Windows Dublin and you could be enjoying new windows with better heat retention properties in no time.

Finally, if you have radiators below your windows, putting a shelf above the radiator is a good way to fan the heat they generate back into the room instead of letting it escape or being trapped behind your curtains.

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