5 Things To Ask About When You’re Buying a Country Home

Not everyone enjoys the city and for some, country living is the ideal happy place. If this sounds like your ultimate living arrangement, know that there are substantial differences between country and city houses. When shopping for your future country castle, here are five things you should inquire about.

Septic Tank

When you live in the country, you don’t rely on the city sewer system. Instead, you’ll have a septic tank that you’ll have to care for. Make sure you know where the tank is located and then sign-up with a reliable septic system company Manassas VA for regular and emergency service, and having it pumped every few years.

Well Water

Just as you’ll have no city septic service, you’ll also have your own well instead of city water. Well water can be cold and delicious, but it can also be hard. Hard water contains minerals that can be harsh on skin and hair, so check to see that the house has a water softener. You should also know exactly where the well is located.

Sump Pump

Depending where a home is situated, you could get excess flooding in the basement. Although this is common, ask about the cellar sump pump that regulates the level of water when it rains or snow melts. If the pump is in bad shape, you could end up with a ruined basement.

Wall Insulation

Another important point you’ll need to know is whether the home has wall insulation. When you’re living out in the country, the wind can be relentless. If your house doesn’t have insulation, your heating bills will go through the roof and you’ll never feel warm. Inquire about insulation before you get stuck installing it yourself.

Future Needs

When you combine the peace and quiet with the proximity to nature, nothing compares to country living. Educating yourself on how a rural home runs and knowing what it needs before buying will guarantee you won’t come across any nasty surprises.

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