What to know before mounting the TV?

Wall mounting a TV seems to be a good idea for giving a position to your TV from where you can watch it with ease and complete comfort. TV installation in Los Angeles can help you save extra space on floor and this is how everyone can watch the TV by being at any corner of the room. However starting this process without having a plan to implement could be a complete loss and failure at the end.

Following mentioned are the most important things which you are required to know before mounting the TV on the wall:

A fine spot for components

Normally, people, have most of the devices hooked up with their television. Those could be anything like cables boxes, DVRs and gaming consoles. This problem can easily be traced by installing a floating sheet beneath your TV.

You can also try putting a bookshelf beneath your mounted TV so that you can put all the related things there. This can be done by having holes with help of a drill and then hanging the cords of the shelf there.

A cord concealing plan

Your mounting should be clean and neat. This means that when you have mounted your TV, you need to make sure that you may not spoil its sleek look by the mess of cables surrounding the TV.  Even if you have nothing more to connect with the TV, still it can be a problem for you to handle that single ugly wire connected to the socket.

Following mentioned are some of the solutions for that ugly television tail:

  • Get your cords installed inside the wall but you would need the professionals to help in that case for same day TV installation.
  • Make sure that you have installed a power source behind the television so that the cord may be plugged in easily and it doesn’t get tangled.
  • You can also use a cord hider as well which helps you hiding the messy cord.

The ability of the wall to handle the mount

This is the most important thing which you need to consider is the ability of the wall you have selected to handle the mount. In most of the cases, even the lightest televisions are heavy for the walls even heavier than your heavy frames.

Mounting above the fireplace

Mounting your TV above the fireplace might be appealing for you to look but it is actually not because the heat and smoke being released from the fireplace could be dangerous for the normal functioning of your TV. It’s better to have a TV placement plan first so that you can work accordingly. Placing the TV above the fireplace can also cause chronic pains to you.

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