3 Best Tips for Summer Landscaping Makeovers

Feeling like the landscaping around your home could use a major makeover? Summer is the best time of year to head outdoors and create some curb appeal. Get your landscaping in excellent shape this summer by following these three important tips.

1. Remove Unsightly Debris

Unsightly debris, especially tree stumps or dead trees, has a way of spoiling an otherwise beautiful landscape. To prevent unsightly features from spoiling the hard work you put into your yard, you need to have the remnants of these trees removed. Expert local tree service Youngsville will remove these trees in a safe and efficient manner, allowing you to focus on the beautiful aspects of your landscaping instead of the eyesores.

2. Add Height to Your Garden

When most people think about a garden, they think about lush flowerbeds planted full with colorful blooms. Think about how much more dynamic your garden could look by adding the dimension of height. Create your own simple garden arch using wooden slats, or find one at a local hardware store or nursery. Plant it up with climbing flowering vines to cover the arch with greenery and color.

3. Improve Your Lawn

You already know that a healthy, green lawn is the perfect complement to a well-maintained home and garden. But do you know how to keep your grass green all summer long? First, spread an eco-friendly fertilizer over your lawn. It’s never too late in the summer to do this. Next, you’ll need to aerate the lawn at least once per year, ideally in mid-to-late summer. By taking these extra steps, you’ll ensure that even areas of grass that experience heavy traffic and heavy rain will be able to stay hardy and vibrant all season long.

Transform the appearance of your entire property by making these landscape renovations. Follow these tips and you’ll have a gorgeous lawn to enjoy for seasons to come.

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