Regain The Essence of Your Wood Furniture

Owning contemporary, timeless and elegant hardwood furniture is a dream of many homeowners. But like everything else, it starts to show wear with a lot of use. Hardwood furniture such as Mohawk wood stain is very reliable and durable in nature and while it does not damage or show wear easily, that isn’t to say that it will continue to look its best always. Scratches and dents are not unusual for Mohawk furniture in a busy household. There are still a number of ways to repair the damage, without compromising the quality of the furniture. Damages such as scratches, gouges or dents are often caused by occurrences that cannot be anticipated. So if you find any damage to your Mohawk wood stain furniture, here are two things that you can do to fix the surface damage and restore it to its natural charm. Minor scratches can be cleaned with a lint-free cloth soaked in a solution of soap and warm water. The scratched area should only be damped and that’s why you should dip the cloth in the solution and strain out all the excess water before wiping the area. Cleaning can remove oil, grease, or old wood polish from the scratched area, which is why each scratch should be wiped with a freshly strained cloth. After letting it dry for some time, dip a cotton swab in a cup of black tea and apply it on the scratched surface. Wood care products such as a wood touch up pen can also be used to cover up small scratches and imperfections in your Mohawk furniture. These pens work great to conceal scratches, dents, gouges and blemishes on a wooden surface. Their tips can work from all angles, and their quick-drying and water-resistant dye can be used to replace washed-out color on finished wood surfaces. Because of their convenience and ease of use, you’re going to find yourself using a wood touch up pen for all your minor furniture repairs. Quick guide on how to use a touch-up pen Do not press the touch-up pen right on the wood surface. To start the flow of ink, lightly tap the pen on a hard surface. Make sure you shake the touch-up pen thoroughly. If you push and hold the touch-up pen down, all the ink will flow out of the tube creating a mess. If you have never used a wood touch-up pen before, just go gently and continue practicing pressing the tip on the end until you can manage the ink flow. Wipe off the excess ink before applying to your furniture. With a little attention and care every now and then, wood furniture can continue to look and function like new for years.

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