Do you want to have a massage house, and how to choose the massage chair you have no idea? Study a detailed guide on how to buy a spa pedicure chair for home.

You will need:

  • Internet
  • Visits to massage Chair sales centers
  • Pass the test sessions of your favorite models

1: Massage is an excellent physiotherapeutic treatment recommended for general sanitation of an organism, as well as in numerous diseases. But in order to attend traditional massage sessions, it takes a lot of time, which is usually not enough. An invention, like a massage chair, is capable of solving this type of problem.

2: Receive medical massage will allow the comfort of your home, practicing some fun activity: watching television, reading the press or a book, practicing swimming. To begin, you have to decide your position, such as functionality, that is, what types of massage, do you want to do in this chair and the need for a variety of options?

3: The minimum list of procedures in a massage chair: back massage, poiasnichno-sacral part, nuchal sheyno-translucency. Other types of massage can be: hands, legs, feet and buttocks. Technologies of the realization of massage, with the help of the chair, can also be of different types: infrared heating, air-compressive, vibratory massage.

4: Additional options that have nothing to do with massage, but add great comfort, can be: DVD, jade heater, a table with supports under the cup, an MP3 player. Before buying a massage chair for the home, it is necessary to pay attention to the study of the information about the manufacturer. Specify the name of the manufacturing company, the country of assembly, and the existence of an international ISO 9001 certification system, in how many countries the product is distributed throughout the world.

5: It is very important indicator, which said more than any word is the guarantee period. Manufacturers are usually set based on average lifespan without problems. From a synthesis of all the factors, of the characteristics, as well as that foreseen in the budget purchase, make your final selection.

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