What material for your carpets: wool carpets

You want to buy a carpet but you hesitate in front of the large number of materials that are proposed to you? What is the difference between a sisal rug and a cotton rug, a silk rug and a viscose rug, an acrylic rug and polyester? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages? To help you better understand the composition of carpets and choose the right one, I invite you to discover this series of articles named “What material for your carpets?” who will present you the main materials that you will be able to meet. You can read more about wool carpet on https://www.itcnaturalluxuryflooring.com/wool-carpet/ .

After our focus on the most used natural material in the world, we will now tackle another one that is also used a lot, it is wool. Wool, unlike cotton, is not a vegetable fiber but is a matter of animal origin. In order to choose a woolen carpet , you should know that there are several types of woolly materials, whether it is virgin wool, New Zealand wool and many others. But how are these materials different from each other?

The different types of wool:

As I explained in the introduction, there are several types, or rather several quality labels for wool. Here is a little overview of the different qualities of wool found in the composition of carpets.

New Zealand wool carpets

Wool is a 100% natural material and unparalleled quality that allows it to be used for the creation of wool carpets of superior quality. The quality of New Zealand wool allows the countries that gave its name to be the largest exporter in the world.

Blank wool carpets

It is a product which, to obtain this designation, must contain only 7% of other materials or fibers in its composition.

Carpets made of pure new wool

As for her, sheer virgin wool is a material that must be practically pure because it must maximally be composed of 0.3% of other textile fibers.

Wool carpets

Are designated under the names 100% wool, pure wool or wool finally can be either low quality wool or so-called recycled wool.

Why choose a wool rug?

But, why choose wool rather than cotton or acrylic fiber, you say? Well, first of all, because wool is an excellent thermal insulator, making wool carpets perfect for both winter and summer. In addition, wool is what is called hygrometric, that is to say that if the atmospheric humidity is too high, the wool absorbs it and conversely if it is too weak, she rejects it. In terms of its composition, the wool carprt is very strong, durable and hardly flammable and does not emit toxic smoke when it burns, which is why wool is the only fiber allowed on trains and planes. Very appreciated by the decorators, the wool brings softness and a very comfortable atmosphere, alive in a living room or a room.

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